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Strategia Bordeaux, a strategic location for the digital agency

The Toulouse digital agency Strategia is setting up shop in the centre of Bordeaux. Thus, its official arrival in New Aquitaine allows the agency to get closer to its existing customers and partners in Gironde. It is also an opportunity for the company to develop its business relationships with a new clientele. As many as different sectors of activity in the Toulouse region… To achieve this, Strategia is adding two new profiles to its team. A Business Developer and a technician are therefore joining the ranks of an office in a format like no other.

STRATEGIA opens a new workspace in Bordeaux! – By Tony MARCELLO, founder of Strategia

Strategia at the heart of Bordeaux’s economic turmoil

Opened in 2007 in Toulouse, Strategia is a digital agency. In this way, she works with a variety of clients, such as companies, associations and public bodies, to provide solutions on the transformation of trades. At the heart of the agency’s know-how is the facilitation of work and day-to-day business processes. Last year, STRATEGIA had a turnover of 1.5 million euros. With 12 employees, it designs interfaces such as websites or mobile applications for its customers. It also leverages innovative technologies such as virtual and augmented reality.

To support its development, the agency opts for a Bordeaux location. Beyond the dynamism known in the region, it is also the living environment and the ease of access to Toulouse that has seduced STRATEGIA and the team members.

Bordeaux has seen its economic development accelerate in recent years. The city is home to many companies with a strong national and even international influence. The new proximity to Paris has also prompted several large groups to relocate their marketing department to Bordeaux. In addition to the partnerships and contracts already initiated, this dynamism encourages us to try the adventure.

Tony MARCELLO, Founder and Managing Director of STRATEGIA

With a clear approach to customer proximity, the agency focuses primarily on co-design and consulting. In this sense, opening an office closer to its customers should allow it to strengthen links with partners on the ground, and to open up to new collaborations.

You can have an offer of services that is interesting and attracts players based in the region.

Tony Marcello CEO and founder of the digital agency Strategia new location in Bordeaux
Tony Marcello, CEO and founder of Strategia presents his offices in Bordeaux.

The sense of proximity way coworking

Beyond a regional location, this new address has a second dimension. Located at 55 rue de la Rousselle, in the historic heart of the city, the office is also a meeting place. Thus, the agency sees this space as a space of “corpo-working”. Sharing its offices with outside players, STRATEGIA plans to accommodate up to 5 professionals, in addition to the team members. Open as a priority to the agency’s partners and clients, this space can also receive independents and entrepreneurs.

From experience, we like to welcome people outside the activity to bring life, exchange, sharing. Like today, we have more space than needs, this is the opportunity. We have a dozen jobs for a STRATEGIA team that should have 5 people in 2 years.


In making this choice, the digital agency explains that it does not set a goal of making space profitable. Also, the conditions are particularly flexible for professionals, without commitment. They can therefore rent for a low monthly rate a workstation within the Bordeaux address, while having access to all the equipment on site. Internet connection, printers, coffee machines… The opportunity to share experiences and ideas with professionals with different trades and different working methods.

At a time when telework is growing and businesses are shrinking their office space, shared office and coworking spaces continue to attract. For good reason, they make excellent ambassadors of socialization at work and help break the isolation induced by working from home.

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