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Synapse-real estate, an innovative concept in the process of buying a property

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Synapse-real estate sets up its luggage in the Bordeaux region. Its innovative concept allows it toaccelerate the sales and purchase process. The aim is to facilitate the meeting between the buyer and the seller. For this reason, the use of Big Data is put in place and allows a property to be quickly matched to the request of an acquirer. This adds to its real estate expertise skills in digital and artificial intelligence. Thus, the Synapse-real estate agency fits perfectly into the context of the current health crisis. Indeed, agencies must adapt to this situation in order to continue to promote goods despite potential health restrictions.

Synapse, the agency based on humans and innovation

Created by Xavier Bras and Valérie Decool, the Synapse-real estate agency has recently established itself in the Bordeaux metropolitan area. Both passionate, Xavier Bras has worked in the field of High Tech and Valérie Decool in the sector of digital agencies and luxury. The agency was thus born of a desire to merge their skills and by linking human and innovation. Indeed, it uses the know-how and expertise of a traditional real estate agency coupled with the use of big data and artificial intelligence.

synapse real estate agency expertise
Valérie Decool and Xavier Bras, founders of the Synapse-real estate agency.

Synapse-real estate is a real estate agency specializing in the sale and purchase of real estate on the city of Bordeaux and the Arcachonnais basin. With its name, the agency has the same role as a synapse in the brain. Thus, a synapse allows information to be transmitted from one neuron to another and this in record time. The Synapse-real estate agency operates in the same way, speeding up the buying or selling process.

The agency voluntarily has a limited number of places in order to keep this human side that defines it. It also avoids any kind of competition between customers. Specialists in the Bordeaux metropolitan area but also in the Arcachon Basin, real estate agents are able to offer you a large number of properties. New houses, old houses, apartments, studios, villas or even wineries, a wide choice is available to guests. Synapse therefore accompanies its customers throughout the process of buying or selling their property. It goes as much through marketing, research, visits, negotiations but also renovation and decoration.

The Synapse-real estate agency thus enters into a processof innovation and speed. It thus adapts perfectly to the health situation, creating many uncertainties especially in this sector.

The real estate sector in Bordeaux, a necessary flexibility

The real estate sector is being undermined by the health crisis that has slowed down transactions. Indeed, the containment of March 2020 has had a significant impact on the sector. Many transactions, visits and signatures have been cancelled or postponed. Since then, the sector has been able to find solutions to the changes due to this health context.

The real estate agencies then put in place solutions to be able to continue to exercise and promote real estate. Thus, we have seen the emergence of virtual tours and its increasing use despite the resumption of activity. Onlineestimation of a property is also a common practice. The real estate agent discovers the property via videoconferencing and estimates it in real time, without having to travel.

In addition, it is useful for clients to have faster real estate transactions. Especially in this context where projecting on the short, medium and long term is difficult. The health decisions decided by the Government can be made overnight, this makes the real estate sector dependent and full of uncertainty. With its desire to reduce the time it takes to buy and sell real estate transactions, Synapse is perfectly integrated into this dynamic. This is a real asset for the agency’s clients, able to invest quickly in assets in Bordeaux and its region. In addition, Bordeaux is an extremely dynamic city. It has even become the most attractive provincial city in France.


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