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Team Building, between original concepts and collaboration

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Team Building is a concept that brings employees together within the same company or service. Through the holding of activities in which everyone participates, the members of the company can create links and strengthen cohesion within the working group. This allows both to respond to the company’s challenges, but also to be able to create a group dynamic. To do this, many activities are being developed, allowing managers and teams to offer a variety of activities. It is a new market that is developing, and that opens up new ways of managing and uniting.

Team Building at the heart of corporate cohesion

Since its inception in the 1980s, Team Building has made a special place in the corporate landscape. This strengthens the bonds between members of the same society. Indeed, the activities offered by animation companies are varied enough to adapt to each group, and to the number of employees. In this way, original event animations help to bring teams together and help to establish good group cohesion. A real phenomenon among many groups of individuals, escape games are a great success. By being in a secluded location, a group of a few people must solve puzzles in a time allotted to get out. This is an important activity for companies, allowing to reveal the potential of their employees. This allows you to see the attitude of each one, and to see who the leaders are and who are the best performers.

Many companies use escape games for recruitment. Far from traditional interviews in an office in the presence of a recruiter, escape games take place in unusual places. They allow recruiters to see the behaviour of candidates, and are better able to know which one most corresponds to the company’s values. This activity is thus an interesting animation of Team Building, but also an effective recruitment process. It combines teamwork and rapid adaptation to many situations and requires decisions or leadership. In Bordeaux, there are traditional escape games, but also escape games in virtual reality as in Virtual Room. Finally, there are also themed activities, to immerse yourself in a specific universe. These are all opportunities that allow us to develop the spirit of cohesion within the company.

Adapting your choice of Team Building to the expected benefits

Depending on the expected effects within the team, a specific activity should be chosen. The gourmet casino for example allows a friendly and relaxed moment, around the pleasure of taste. The aim may be to relax employees after a seminar or a particularly intense period. The escape game, on the other hand, is very playful. In particular, it allows employees to be grouped into small teams, around a common goal, with an organisation to be set up, up-to-date roles for everyone, in a process of results.

Finally, to give a new lease of life to its sales team, why not turn to the “chronos arena” games? This kind of event focuses on individual performances, in “fight” of skill, speed, dexterity… With stress management and time control at heart.

Corporate events, a moment to thank its employees

In order to thank their employees after good results, some company leaders organize events dedicated to them. This can be an outing to the restaurant, the privatization of a room with caterer or even for a special activity. At these events, employees are in a less formal setting, and can interact with each other. It is also a good time to talk to managers and managers. It can also allow employees in other cities to participate in these events. It’s a great way to bring together, just like the Team Building. Other events also allow you to discover a city, especially during a new location. For example, in Bordeaux, it is possible to make a game on a city-wide scale, discovering its secrets and history.

This makes it possible to raise awareness of the history of the city. At the same time, the event creates a team-specific cohesion within the newly formed teams. In this way, the company is closer to its city and its inhabitants, and enjoys a more positive image in the eyes of the company’s employees, but also of customers. The latter are indeed important ambassadors, who also allow to convey this positive image. Organizing Team Building events and activities also plays a key role in motivating employees. This helps to strengthen their involvement within the company and their motivation. Thus, they feel like elements in their own right within the company and develop new values.

Team group work
The Team Building improves cohesion between employees.

An unprecedented situation that is disrupting Team Building’s activities

Team Building plays an important role in motivating employees within the same company. Indeed, it allows us to bring people closer together, to work the trust between each other and to push to surpass ourselves, together. But with the current health environment, activities like the Escape Games can no longer take place in the traditional format and under the same conditions. Wearing masks and social distancing are all health measures that companies comply with. Thus, companies offering activities including for Team Building develop alternatives to maintain these team events.

Thus, no brake on the animations of Team Building, but a scalable adaptation within companies. However, the market for nomadic activities is not yet fully developed for companies. Indeed, some continue to practice telework, especially when the adaptation of space within offices is impossible. This is upsetting social relationships, now virtualized, and transforming the way people work. While telework is a mores than that, it is still punctual. Thus, in order to continue to maintain the social link between employees, the manager must rethink his management. A different approach allows to maintain contact and interactions, to continue to work together… even remotely. These are all factors that have an essential role to play in companies.

Resuming business after COVID-19 in a sanitized environment

If professional events resume slowly, always mixing digital and physical, sanitary measures limit the possibilities. The ability to gather, distance, and lack of contact change behaviours and relationships within companies. For business leaders, the priority remains to ensure the health of employees in the workplace. Team Building events, on the other hand, are adapting to continue to appeal to an ever-widening audience…


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