Telework, operational sectors and tools

The year 2020 is punctuated by a new way of working, from home. Telework thus provides a sustainable and effective solution for companies whose business can be done remotely. This is a new organisation for many employees in France, who have to carry out their daily tasks from their homes. A discovery for some, who were not well prepared enough for this particular period of work. Some companies resumed in-person work between the two containments, and others preferred to keep it operating. But staying efficient also requires good equipment, and good organization, made possible by digital tools.

Telework, between organisation and optimal working conditions

Some industries cannot, for obvious reasons, use telework. For example, the construction, architecture or catering sectors do not allow you to work from home. For other companies, the activity can be done from home, thanks in particular to digital tools. Indeed, today, for many activities, Digital allows you to work collaboratively, anywhere. The organization of work in an office is not always the same at home. Many employees do not have a defined workspace, nor is it adequate and comfortable equipment to work 7 hours a day. According to a study conducted by Deskeo during the first confinement, 73% of teleworkers admit to not having a private space to work. As a result, they are often in a room with other people, such as the spouse or children, which impacts productivity.

Silent mouse and keyboard, the perfect equipment for telecommuting.

This lack of private space is also combined with equipment not suitable for continuous computer work. For example, some companies such as Truste, which specialize in computer equipment, offer solutions that could improve telework conditions. A wider wireless keyboard, to release more wrist movements, and especially quieter so as not to disturb people are around. A comfort that is both sound and ergonomic, which tires the wrists less throughout the day. At the same time, mice are also wireless, more easily transportable, and also silent. Indeed, the mice offered by Trust make it easy to move around on its screen, all while supporting the wrist. Finally, these solutions are in the age of time. They no longer have batteries, and recharge, in order to save valuable money by limiting the environmental impact.

The rechargeable mouse no longer allows you to use batteries to telework.

Towards a functioning that tends to last

For companies, the introduction of telework allows employees to continue their activity from home. However, the operation in the company is not totally the same as in the workplace. Indeed, it limits social interactions, more numerous in physics than by interposed screens. 74% of those surveyed in the Deskeo study admit that they do not spend time with their colleagues in telework, and 59% admit to working more. However, without good working conditions, productivity is reduced, which does not allow for sustainable efficiency. Telework also eliminates travel time between home and work, during which time the employee works.

Woman telework computer lounge
76% of telework professionals regret their office.

This unprecedented situation for some is also a delicate situation, especially for job security. Indeed, many companies apply to resort to partial unemployment, for lack of sufficient activity. 81% of teleworkers admit to being afraid of losing their jobs given the health situation. With the rise of digital, working anywhere becomes possible. On the other hand, some industries cannot operate remotely, such as Murfy. This company, which repairs an appliance repair service, must adapt its operation to ensure the safety of all employees.


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