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TerraCycle is a company founded in 2001 in the United States, which has gradually spread to the rest of the world. It specializes in recycling waste that is considered non-recyclable. Recycling is a global issue, and a challenge in regions such as New Aquitaine, which helps to limit pollution and waste accumulation. It also allows the reuse of certain materials used to produce new objects, which avoids the extraction of new resources. These are all issues that motivate companies like TerraCycle to turn to recycling commonly used materials.

TerraCycle heals the planet by recycling protections against COVID-19

For several months now, COVID-19 has been punctuating the daily lives of many countries. In France, and New Aquitaine, health measures are important to stem the spread of the virus. Surgical masks, visors, gloves, gowns or wetsuits are used daily by medical personnel, but also by the population. These are all single-use materials that are discarded and are not considered recyclable. A classic mask must be changed every four hours to remain effective. A number of masks consumed each day that, reduced to the number of inhabitants of a city can quickly become important. In 2017, at the last census, Bordeaux had 254,000 inhabitants. A number that has most likely increased since then, with the dynamism of the city driven by the establishment of new businesses. The arrival of the LGV also led to the installation of Parisians who had come to live far from the capital.

The mask is now mandatory in business, when travelling in public places and in certain busy areas of the city. The Rue Sainte-Catherine, the quays of the Garonne, or the Gare Saint-Jean district are places where masking is mandatory. For all personal protective equipment, the question of sorting and recycling arises. TerraCycle then offers a solution to companies, factories, and individuals.

Thanks to a Zero Waste Box, companies can allow employees to throw away their masks which will then be recycled. The company has declined the concept into several models, adapted to the protections used, masks, gloves, or protective equipment. This allows them to both give them a second life afterwards, but also not to pollute their environment. This innovative concept is important and makes it possible to raise awareness among businesses and households about the recycling of these protections on a daily basis.

Facing tomorrow’s environmental challenges in Bordeaux

Environmental protection issues have been central for some time, particularly in Bordeaux. Energy transition,and new challenges in construction or mobility are everyday challenges to shape the clean Bordeaux of tomorrow. Many startups are being set up in Bordeaux to offer innovative solutions by offering alternatives to certain needs. For example, NewHeat designs renewable heat generation plants tailored to the needs of their customers. It meets the needs of industrial sites, urban uses or vegetable greenhouses. At the same time, other companies such as Sunna Design are also exploiting solar energy. This company offers public lighting solutions with smart and connected streetlights. By installing such facilities in cities, the electricity savings would be substantial. These are all solutions that also complement the transition to electric vehicles, or the preservation of green spaces in urban areas.

The focus on recycling recyclable and non-recyclable products is now a priority more than ever. With the use of masks and other protective equipment on a daily basis, health is also a priority. In order to preserve its health and that of the environment, companies like TerraCycle take care to develop new solutions. Solutions that make a difference and propose new reflexes within households but also companies.



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