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France is a country renowned for its luxury and gastronomy around the world, especially Bordeaux and its region where local products are very popular. The great local speciality, fluted, is appreciated by all tourists in France and abroad, but this is not the only local product that has the wind in its sails. In recent years, French and Bordeaux chocolate has been making its effect. The Mademoiselle de Margaux brand understands this and has just opened its first Bordeaux boutique.


100% neo-Aquitaine production


Founded in 1969 by   Charles SPRENGNETHER, and run by the company LOC MARIA BISCUITS since February 2017, the chocolate factory that became Mademoiselle de Margaux in 2005 has always been installed in Margaux, in the Médoc, a wine mecca where some of the world’s greatest wines are grown and designed. This first historic establishment became the brand’s production site. Since December 2017, noting even greater market potential than in Margaux, the brand has chosen to set up shop in the metropolis, Rue des Remparts, near the Town Hall. The shop has a particularly authentic character, located in one of the towers of the ramparts, with an atypical wooden storefront, close to the other food shops that it complements with gusto. Indeed, beyond a sweet product appreciated by a majority of people, chocolate is today considered a luxury, refined and gastronomic element. The range of products designed and offered by Mademoiselle de Margaux is placed in a superior positioning, of unparalleled quality and a search for unique flavour blends.

Mademoiselle de Margaux Bordeaux Business

The craftsmen-artists of the 20-employee brand only work with quality raw materials that are the hallmark of Made In France. Indeed, the quality is appreciated by Bordeaux but also by foreigners who are looking for luxury products that are derived from French know-how. The recipe is winning, since the Pearls of the Médoc, the Guinettes and the Sarments du Médoc, originally proposed by   Charles Sprengnether and then preserved by Mademoiselle de Margaux sell easily in France and abroad. The brand actually generates 10-15% of its export sales.


Gastronomy and luxury in Bordeaux


In Bordeaux, luxury and gastronomy have been renowned for years. From the Bernard Magrez Institute, the Fourth Wall or the Silver Press for gastronomy to the Intercontinental, or the Yndo Hotel for the hotel industry, the establishments are highly appreciated and prized by foreigners who come mainly to enjoy the wineries. It is not only the large luxury shops that attract tourists, but the castles or shops of fine products such as coffee, wine or chocolate. Like the Mademoiselle de Margaux chocolate factory, hasnaâ Chocolats also offers luxury chocolate, whose appellations are reminiscent of those of the greatest wines: “Grands Crus” and whose knowledge of cocoa is based on a work of passion and expertise. Indeed, the aim is to be able to work the raw material while respecting its properties and aromas. These exceptional products are the pride of Bordeaux gastronomy and are very attractive in France and abroad. In order to stand out, the key is to be able to remain original, while offering products in which the customer finds himself. Thanks to the respectful work of cocoa beans, Mademoiselle de Margaux has been able to showcase her know-how and the quality of her achievements. Chocolate is one of the favourite foods of the French, widely consumed all year round, including peaks during the holidays such as Easter or during the end of the year. 


Selection of Bordeaux Business chocolates

Through demand and quality, in an environment where customers are increasingly looking at product design and respect for nature and raw materials, Bordeaux’s gastronomic and luxurious brands are doing everything possible to reinvent their craft in order to continue to surprise and attract. Coming from all over the world for Bordeaux’s wealth and know-how, customers appreciate products such as chocolate, which is growing and meeting a growing demand. Price is no longer a decisive element for customers looking for the best product, the highest quality, the most artisanal confection possible. Chocolate becomes art, just pass the Larnicol brand to discover the creations on display to understand it…





Mademoiselle de Margaux

Hasnaâ Chocolates

Press release – Mademoiselle de Margaux – 21 November 2018

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