The Fundtruck contest or the voice of the local economy in the region

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The first national roadhow competition (thanks to the financing truck circulating throughout France), the fundtruck was created on the initiative of Sowefund. It brings together entrepreneurs and financiers to offer real development opportunities to selected companies.

For its fourth edition, the selections took place during the summer of 2018 and the six finalists were unveiled, among them the Bordeaux start-up Obvy.

The final took place on 15 November in the Ministry of Economy and Finance, in the presence of a jury of about thirty professionals including the organizer Sowefund, BPI France or Bordeaux Technowest. If it is the JHO project that won the votes, all are indicative of a general trend, a desire to bring concrete solutions to the great challenges of our century…

Technology and well-being in the spotlight…

This year, driven by innovations inspired by artificial intelligence and Smart Data, the start-ups identified seem to have based their concept on the ingenious alliance of technology and life issues, in the service of well-being.

For example, the Webreath (Somme start-up) project is measuring the flow of people in real time on public transport to improve public service. This is a timely solution when many major cities are developing and struggling to adapt the public transport system effectively. Difficulties to which the Bordeaux Metropolis in particular tries to provide solutions.

For its part, Dracula Technologies (a project born in the Rhone) develops LAYER, a printed technology that generates clean energy from ambient light.

In the Loire Atlantic, JHO (for Just and Honest) designs and manufactures women’s sanitary protections in GOTS certified organic cotton (minimum 95% certified organic fiber) and ICEA (Institute of Certification for Ethics and the Environment) for one-off purchase or subscription. Beyond working on health and the environment, the brand fights against inequalities in access to basic necessities by donating a box to a woman in a precarious situation with each purchase.

In Paris, it was the start-up Smartrenting that caught the fundtruck’s attention. Witnessing the need for increased international mobility and the difficulty of finding housing abroad, the company proposes a new kind of real estate agency freeing individuals from the search for their homes.

Isère also had an innovative project among the finalists, competing, in its own way, with the Bordeaux start-up Lucine. Thus, the start-up Sublimed develops medical devices for the management of chronic pain. Miniaturized and connected, they solve the discomfort caused by traditional devices.

For the Gironde, it is Obvy who has seduced the Fundtruck by offering a secure mobile payment method for purchases and sales between individuals adaptable to any type of transaction.

Bordeaux start-ups represented

Already publicized for several months, the start-up Obvy proves its potential by winning its place in this competition.

Surfing on the development of buying and selling between individuals, it offers a universal solution to avoid the sadly common scams. By trusting a third party, Obvy secures and stores the necessary funds during the transaction time and verifies user profiles to ensure secure relationships. In addition to the intermediary function, the solution also offers the possibility of rating and leaving a notice on users to comfort buyers and payers in their choice, as well as access to the detailed history of transactions made.

Suitable for any activity that requires secure transactions, Obvy is particularly suitable for classifieds sites such as LeBonCoin, Facebook, Ebay… The start-up is actually attacking a national market of nearly 70 million transactions a year, transactions that are just waiting to be done safely.

The Fundtruck competition offers a highly interesting springboard for successful start-ups. In need of visibility in France with investors, in the mass of innovative projects carried by the start-up movement, this national competition of a new kind is imposed year after year as a vector for democratizing investment in start-ups. In addition, it allows us to look at promising projects developed in the regions when most investments and fundraisers take place in Paris…

Candice CIBOIS – Bordeaux Business

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