Entrepreneurship in the Age of Data

Data-driven attribution, open data, cloud… The complexity of the language that surrounds digital data tends to mask the centrality of its function. Indeed, in the context of our digital economy, data is the DNA of a company whose integrity it must preserve. In the face of increasingly restrictive regulations on this subject, the need to talk data is necessary for both national and local companies. On June 4, Bordeaux Business met With Said Ait-Ouaraz and Mariano Togni, territory managers of Arcserve, a leading company in the protection of companies’ digital assets. The evolution of Big Data is causing companies to reconsider their data as intangible and informational capital with high added value.



The need for a digital shift


As part of a tour of the company’s presentations across France, Arcserve organized a conference at the Matmut Atlantique stadium in Bordeaux on business solutions to the challenge of data protection. Founded in 1983, Arcserve established itself in the late 1980s with its Arcserve Backup solution as a key player in the sector. Indeed, the traditional approach to data backup is costly and time-consuming for companies facing business resumptions or computer attacks. Data loss can be disastrous for a company, especially since technology players such as Microsoft do not guarantee that their customers’ data will be backed up beyond 90 days. It is therefore vital to anticipate any potential data loss that sometimes translates into years of work for wealth management companies or for companies in the health sector. Since May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) have been in force and primarily apply to businesses. A directive initiated at European level, its aim is to appear as a reference text in order to guide users in the implementation of new economic models mainly centred on digital technology.


The bias of companies such as Arcserve is to turn the RGPD into a competitive advantage for businesses. Data is a tool for running the business, which can lead to time and resource savings from the point of view of the internal management of the company. The financial volume of digital data is apparently unserifiable and above all priceless, especially for public and government structures. Since the 2000s, 52% of large companies have disappeared due to an ever-increasing phenomenon of merger and acquisition. In this context, data can become vulnerability points for some companies by affecting their business.


Data, the challenges of digital trust


At a time when users (general public and organisations) are increasingly suspicious of digital actors, companies are therefore thinking about solutions to guarantee the confidentiality of their users’ personal data. According to an international study of 759 information technology decision-makers, 74% of they are not fully confident in their ability to recover critical data in the event of a disaster. This is particularly the case at the local level with Chandago, a Bordeaux start-up that focuses on working on the protection of Internet users’ data. The aim of the start-up is to act to highlight transparency and authenticity in the exchange of personal data but also in relations between Internet users and digital players. Chandago develops solutions throughout Bordeaux based on the idea of the blockchain just like Arcserve. Indeed, the most important thing for data control experts is to be able to gain the confidence of users in the face of the increasing media coverage of theft or data loss.



On the business side, a business approach to the digital data market is developing, as data is a real concern for executives while data recovery is a concern for IT teams. This data allows us to retrieve a number of information about customers and prospects, which gives companies the opportunity to approach them. However, business leaders need to be able to manage this data but also to understand its added value. One of the main tasks of companies is not to be overwhelmed by a flood of data, and thus minimize the risks. The use of backup tools, such as Arcserve clouds, is therefore very useful for market giants. Indeed, one of the reasons for the need to safeguard the data collected is the prevention of risks. For example, following a data loss within a company, it must be processed in less than an hour to avoid a loss of revenue that can be significant if the problem is not resolved quickly.


Through the vision of Arcserve presented in Bordeaux during the Continuum Tour, the need for the use of tools to save the collected data is once again confirmed. In the digital age, where data is a treasure trove of information, companies should not take risks in terms of their proper management. Faced with their growing weight in a company’s business, an era of data governance is dawning.


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