The wood giants: Hyperion and Silva

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In recent years, the city of Bordeaux has been reborn and developing at an almost frantic pace.

Development and emergence of new neighbourhoods, such as the future district of the Basins in Flot, construction of new facilities such as the Chaban Delmas Bridge or the Matmut Atlantic Stadium or the exit from the ground of new buildings in the image of the imposing City of Wine,which blew out its first candle… the city is modernizing, and is beginning to collect awards and distinctions, just like the Label French Tech, obtained in 2014.

Near Bordeaux Saint-Jean train station, the Euratlantic district is beginning to develop. Projects of large offices, just a stone’s throw from the LGV inaugurated at the beginning of July, this district wants to spread the “Bordeaux, city of Business” on a national scale, or even further…

This district, in addition to being a very large project (145 hectares) is going to be the neighborhood of all records, with the construction of two buildings: Hyperion and Silva.

Built respectively by Jean-Paul Viguier (Eiffage, Woodeum) and Kaufmann and Broad, these two wood-frame towers would be the largest in France with such materials.

They will be made of pine wood panels, custom-made crossovers and assembled on site for delivery by 2019. The advantage of such a material is its resistance to the weather, which prevents the deterioration of the wood.

Originally, only the Hyperion Tower was to be built, and as a result of the presentations, the Silva project was also accepted. For the city, this project could really revive the construction of wooden constructions, as these represent many advantages, in the short, medium and long term.

Indeed, the construction of these two towers will last at most one year, which is not the case of a traditional building, whose construction time is longer. Wooden towers are still very rare in the Bordeaux landscape, which would mean a real real estate revolution. More ecological, Hyperion and Silva will respond to the ecological challenges facing the planet, being built of natural materials.

Hyperion must collect 82 apartments, for an investment of 50 million euros, and Silva, 50 meters high tower, built of 80% wood, must stand on 18 floors, with shops, dwellings and offices.

The architects used the French wood industry to carry out these large-scale projects, quality and know-how recognized.

Efficiency, speed, ecology, and rationality… These are the great advantages that we retain on the Bordeaux and national scene. The city of Bordeaux also has the ambition to develop its innovative image by building more wooden buildings, both in the Euratlantic district and in other districts, like the Belvedere district, located on the Right Bank, which will probably see between 14,000 and 28,000 m2 of wooden buildings embellishing the landscape.

Another event that is indicative of progress is the Woodrise World Congress, around the construction of medium and large wooden buildings, which will be held for the first time in Bordeaux from 12 to 15 September.

A beautiful “green window” for the city, hoping that it does not reveal spled!


Audrey Kozaczka – Bordeaux Business




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