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Amorim Group innovates for the wine sector, Interview with Franck Autard, Managing Director AMORIM France

The AmorimGroup reinvents the corks of wine bottles. Who has never had the unpleasant surprise of falling on a corked bottle? At least it happened to all of us. And what a disappointment to feel this mixture of cork dust, wet cardboard, wet earth, even musty. With Amorim, it’s just a distant memory. Indeed, the company unveils two new technological prowess to fight the TCA. It’s a global novelty with anti-TCA technology for natural corks and also a generation of micro-aggregated corks. An innovation that energizes the wine sector and allows our bottles not to suffer the fate of the taste of the cork.

How did the Amorim Group become a market leader?

The Amorim Group was founded in 1870 and was led by the 4th generation of the Amorim Family. Over time, its journey has enabled it to become the world’s leading producer of cork. It thus becomes a reference in this field with a leading position on natural and technical plugs. This position is due to unwavering control.

In his own case of the Amorim Group, we master the quality of the raw material

Franck Autard, Managing Director AMORIM France

So to speak, it is now present on the five continents of the globe through 5 subsidiaries that provide advice and accompage to professionals.

Amorin France is the main subsidiary, representing no less than 650 million caps and 53 million turnover

Franck Autard, Managing Director AMORIM France

On the territory, the Amorim Group has established itself in the Bordeaux region, a region that refers to the territory for wine production. Indeed, the Bordeaux region is rich in large wineries whose reputation is well known. Within the two production centres the caps are received raw and receive a specific treatment, including customization, surface treatment or compression.

In the Bordeaux region, there are two production centres. One in Eysine for still wines and the other in Champs Fleury for champagnes

Franck Autard, Managing Director AMORIM France

Beyond that, the Amorim Group is also present in Cognac and Reims, also places that are also buoyant in wine production. The group innovates to offer solutions to the wine sector. As the leading producer of cork, the group exports its products all over the world. In addition, he has a client portfolio of 30,000 prestigious clients. It has a typology of 4 customers, traders, cooperatives, winemakers or resellers.

Our clients include winemakers and large castles such as Château Margaux and Rothschild

Franck Autard, Managing Director AMORIM France

group amorim caps and innovation
Amorim develops new anti-TCA plugs

Beyond its desire to innovate in the sector, what are the commitments made by the group?

Through its innovations, the group is also committed to the protection and management of cork oak forests. Forests account for about 2.2 million hectares in the western Mediterranean basin, notably in Portugal, Spain, France and Italy. The aim is to sustain forests but also the activity of plot owners. Indeed, the process to get the cork is very long.

It takes 43 years to make a cork lift

Franck Autard, Managing Director AMORIM France

Thus, the group works in studies and works to make production more efficient and sustainable. The goal is to obtain the best quality of oaks without loss.

To do this, it mixes umbrella pines with channel liegees to protect them and offer better income to investments that are only made in the long term. In addition, the group is committed to avoiding desertification and protecting the forest environment in Portugal.

What are the other application areas for the Amorim Group?

Thus, the group builds its image through its prestigious customers but also thanks to its commitments to sustainability and its negative carbon footprint. These are points that are now key factors for success. In addition to serving the wine sector, the group offers its innovative solutions to other more technological activities that require further demand. This shows the group’s knowledge and experience with the material.

Cork is a wonderful material

Franck Autard, Managing Director AMORIM France

Indeed, the group also intervenes in the aerospace and automotive industry or in construction materials, architecture, sport, energy… The technical qualities of corks are universal. It will be used to insulate buildings, equip sports fields, make a surfboard more resistant or replace leather in clothing

What are the latest Amorim innovations?

Recently, the Amorim Group is launching two revolutionary new processes. Both are the result of several years of research in the research and development department. It is one of the most advanced research units in the world in the cork industry. Naturity and Xpur are born. These two new plugs on the market finally offer the possibility of neutralizing the detectable TCA.

Everyone had the experience of a corked wine. This ruins the consumer experience and all the work upstream

Franck Autard, Managing Director AMORIM France

Thus, on one side the Naturity cap is a natural cork, it is cut into a piece of whole cork. In order to eliminate the molecule that is due to the taste of cork, the TCA, the Amorim Group innovates. The group has thus developed a process of cleaning the cork that allows the removal of the TCA thanks to water vapour.

On the other hand, Xpur is a technical cap made up of cork pellets. It comes from an anti-TCA process, the most environmentally friendly and the most efficient on the market. Indeed, the group’s research has improved supercritical CO2 technology.

It’s a technology that didn’t fit into our CSR approach because it’s very energy-intensive and polluting.

Franck Autard, Managing Director AMORIM France

Thus, the group reinvents the concept and thinks of a technology that uses only 25% energy and 10% of the CO2 of the original technology.

The Amorim Group is therefore the leader in cork production. It is the only one to have developed these unique technologies. Although COVID-19 has impacted the economy, the group does not allow itself to be cut down and continues to develop innovations. In particular, he supports all these clients by accompanying them in a dynamic approach. Cork still has a bright future ahead of it. Moreover, Franck Autard himself has indicated that he will return to fashion. Case to follow whether in our wine bottles, or on our shoes this material seems quite remarkable.


“Amorim takes a decisive step in the fight against the TCA thanks to Naturity and Xpur, two 100% natural and efficient processes” Amorim, press release of 22 January 2021

Interview with Franck Autard, Managing Director AMORIM France, 5 February 2021


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