SGS Group continues to grow and invests in Cestas

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The SGS France Transportation laboratories located in Cestas are expanding with the inauguration of the latest laboratory   dedicated to the On-Board Electronic Testing (OET)   of 2,200m2. With this development,   all the means necessary to validate parts and samples (photo aging UV, vibration, sensory analysis, corrosion …), are brought together in one place.

SGS France fully invested in Cestas

 With the aim of offering our customers an ever-increasing quality of service, we have chosen to expand our industrial activities and means. An investment that amounts to nearly 2.5 million euros – announces  Eric Sarfati, President of SGS France Group

This important investment involves a fleet of 9 vibrators simulating vibrations endured while driving, shock machines to simulate donkey backs and potholes, and a fleet of climatic enclosures to replicate extreme temperature conditions, hot and cold. The laboratory also produces its own test benches to match test products and different standards. The laboratory validates all equipment according to national and international standards such as NF, EN, ISO or CEI standards which are defined by the CENELE   (European Committee for Electronic Standardization). In addition, the laboratory also validates manufacturer standards for all industries (aeronautics, automotive, rail, etc.).

With 140 employees, SGS France in Cestas has grown with the arrival of new experts. This team will have to perform different test measurements. For example, electrical measurements must check that the maximum value of the electric field can be supported by a material. Environmental testing must monitor the strength of products in their environment, with friction tests, shock tests or with climate tests. Experts also analyze the entire mechanics of the product with controls on the connectors or on the electrical wires.

Recognition across borders

International recognition of the laboratory, as well as fluctuating standards, in France or internationally, require laboratories to constantly adapt. Large, world-renowned groups use SGS France to test and validate their products. This also attracts smaller companies that want to get closer to the testing processes of large groups.

These investments confirm the group’s progress on the international scene and on the stock market, which has been driven in particular by car tests and reforms concerning automotive standards in France. In addition, in June 2016, SGS France received approval to pass the road code exam in France. More than one million French people took the exam with SGS France in 2017. SGS was able to organise the monitoring of the traffic code examination by replacing the usual inspectors of the Ministry of Transport and allowing candidates to select their own test dates on the internet.

The Group is strong to date with 483 examination passage sites in France.


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