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La Médoquine makes its last breath

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Built in Talence in 1989, the Médoquine space is a venue for shows, concerts, congresses and forums that has hosted many international artists such as Youssou N’Dour, Saez, Oasis or even dance shows, humorous that sometimes come from the end of the world. With its central square, close to the Boulevards, the Médoquine is a building known to all, accommodating up to 3000 people standing.

But this room is starting to become obsolete: in question, new safety standards to which it no longer meets, a maintenance cost too high … Visitors also bring up other “problems” that bother them such as the lack of parking spaces, noise from outside due to the proximity of the road and the soundproofing of the building deemed insufficient.

In order to carry out the renovations and the upgrading of the space, the city of Cenon would have to pay a sum of “3 to 4 million euros”, which the Mayor, Alain CAZABONNE, is not being injected. At issue is the desire to implement other projects deemed to be priorities, such as an auditorium, offices or shops.

One of Talence’s “monuments” is therefore experiencing its last concerts, in front of a major construction site located in Floirac, the Arena, already considered the 11,000-seat Zenith of Bordeaux. Cenon is also considering the construction of a 2,500-seat concert hall that would add to a décor already occupied in part by the Palmer Rock, thus making up for the lack of space in almost all sold-out concerts.

Building such halls allows to meet more requests of the “cultivores” who can not all attend the concert of their choice, but also to make some halls their primary usefulness as the sporting vocation of the Mériadeck Skateway, or to replace the Palmer gymnasium which has been deemed too dilapidated to host events (the showroom will be built on this ground).

In addition, the will is based on the construction of halls with better acoustics and better sound insulation, in order to guarantee the best possible experience for spectators, and to be among the most modern concert halls in France.

In recent years, Bordeaux and its agglomeration have been in a dynamic of modernization in terms of construction and infrastructure.

The Médoquine hall is part of the Bordeaux “past” and withdraws from the cultural décor Aquitain, after almost 30 years of service, to make way for the new Bordeaux, remaining an emblematic place in the heart of all Bordeaux…


Audrey Kozaczka – Bordeaux Business

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