The Night of Ideas in front of the Present

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On January 31st, the fourth edition of Night of Ideas was held, this international event aims to bring together philosophers, writers, intellectual researchers, students, artists or personalities who engage the debate with the public to propose their feelings about the present. The two previous editions, in order, had the imposed theme: “a common world” and “imagination in power”. This year’s edition had the theme “Face the Present” and raises multiple questions about the issues of today and tomorrow on education, ecology, equality or technology.

The challenge of contemporary issues brought together no less than 1000 speakers, 70 countries on 5 continents, 120 cities in France and around the world, representing more than 200,000 participants and 41 million Internet users around the hashtag #lanuitdesidees.

Bordeaux was no exception to the rule and responded. Michelle Perrot, professor emeritus at the University of Paris-Diderot was also the guest of the capital of Girona to begin the debate on our present, what it requires and our future. A future that promises to be promising in many respects, whether it is focused on innovation, technological progress, the development of promising projects, but also raises questions and challenges relating to social equality.

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Women face the present

Michelle Perrot was the guest of choice to start the debate on gender equality, as a reminder, she is the author of “The History of Women in the West”, “George Sand in Nohant: An Artist’s House”, “My History of Women”, “History of Rooms”. Today a historian and professor emeritus of contemporary history at the University of Paris-Diderot, she is above all a French feminist activist and a great figure in women’s history.

In 2019, we would be led to believe that our society has evolved sufficiently on a subject as important as gender equality in a professional environment: however, there is still room for significant progress.

According to INSEE and its dossier “Women and men, equality in question” 2017 edition, we are still far from the count. Just look at the gender pay gap. In view of the narrowing of the gender income gap, which has narrowed slightly over the past two decades, women’s wage income is still on average 24% lower than that of men. Especially since differences in working hours justify only a quarter of this average difference. It can be added that in equivalent positions and experience, women receive 12.8% less than men.

These still debatable differences could only be levers to encourage female entrepreneurship. Bordeaux is in the heart of the matter as it is rich in examples with women already established on site and many events hosted in connection with this theme. One example is the special women’s global weekend startup held last year at Hangar 16 with the main objective of “supporting women’s place for a more diverse and inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem”. Closer in time, on March 28, at the Bordeaux Metropole Hotel will be held the Be A Boss event with as main guidelines to boost entrepreneurial ambition among women, identify future regional and national nuggets and accompany innovative and promising startups (an event of which BORDEAUX Business will partner and be a member of the jury).

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Computer science in the face of the present

Also on the program of this fourth edition of the Night of Ideas and following the great oral proposed by Michelle Perrot, it is the SNCF station of Bordeaux Saint-Jean that has metamorphosed into the course of computer programming.

It was thus possible to bring your computer and participate in a night code workshop within Hall 3. The Bordeaux metropolis is indeed at the heart of this craze for digital-related fields, many events related to this subject are also expected for the year 2019 such as the Naïa Forum: The Neo-Aquitaine Forum of Artificial Intelligence, the Syntec Digital Tour 2019, Digijob Stage Digital Campus, the wintalk: “Human Cognition: what the AI envy us”.

Many of these events are organised by Bordeaux schools.

In recent years, the number of these training schools in digital, programming and web development has flourished in the capital of Girona and this goes hand in hand with the growing number of digital-related companies that have also emerged in Bordeaux. According to Bordeaux Métropole, in 2017 there were 2500 digital-related companies with the creation of almost 700 of them in just 3 years. This was reflected in 12,000 employees in the sector, 1000 researchers and an average growth of about 15% over the decade.

The theme imposed and these two Bordeaux events related to this night of ideas was an opportunity for Bordeaux to confirm its dynamism in the face of the present that surrounds it, it would have been interesting also, to be able to spread on other points such as education or ecology, which perhaps will be on the programme of the 5th edition.

Patrick BONTE – BORDEAUX Business


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