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Updated on October 6, 2020. Bordeaux Aquitaine Pioneers is a Bordeaux incubator located in the Darwin eco-system on the right bank, which was created 5 years ago. Christine Panteix, the director of this incubator, said that 3 out of 10 small business entrepreneurs (-10 employees) are women. In larger companies, there is only one. The incubator was created by women for women. Its team, made up of experts, has several vocations. Listen, advise and guide women in their efforts to start their own businesses, and to reverse trends. At present, The Pioneers have already accompanied a hundred women. On their own, they might not have “jumped the plunge” for lack of information and support.

A strong message, for a beautiful initiative

The incubator’s motto, “Oser, innovate, undertake” is therefore totally justified, and well chosen.

Today, Christine Panteix and her team want to see bigger, at the height of their ambitions: to expand and conquer the West, by opening four new branches of the Pioneers in Angoulême, Limoges, Pau and Périgueux. The goal is to be able to train women who want to become entrepreneurs, 40 in total, through 4 sessions, and listen to their project, and guide them as best they can to make it possible and achievable.
The incubator offers a panel of 4 offers, corresponding to the stages of business creation:

Emergence: which is the beginning, where the incubator helps to realize ideas “on paper” (the goal of training sessions).

Pre-incubation, which corresponds to the support and advice through the various stages leading to the creation of the company

The incubation that takes place after the creation of the company, and which aims to accompany and help the entrepreneur in the development of her business

Co-Working: it is important to know that many independents do not necessarily have the funds to have their own premises for their activity. The Pioneers offer low-cost office rentals in their incubators, allowing these women to work in a user-friendly way, always with help at their fingertips.

Firsts at the heart of women's entrepreneurship in Bordeaux
The Firsts at the Heart of Women’s Entrepreneurship in Bordeaux.

A federation that supports women entrepreneurs

The Pioneers of Bordeaux are part of a Federation of the same name, which has about twenty incubators in France and abroad. The concept works because today, 2000 women have been able to complete their business creation project. The aim of these incubators is to promote the mix of entrepreneurs while economically developing an innovation sector.

To expand into the West, they need funds, 10,000 euros to help even more women with a dream in mind: to be an entrepreneur. They created a Crowdfunding on HelloAsso to collect donations and thus restore diversity in corporate positions of responsibility.

Since the end of 2018, they have joined a second space in Coworking, located in the premises of the Halle Hemera. An ideal opportunity to continue to prosper and grow.

Now the First, this incubator continues its development, with ambition. By 2020, it has 8 regional intervention centres, and 2 local centres spread between Metropole and Overseas. The number of entrepreneurs accompanied has also increased well. Indeed, companies such as La Voyageuse, Mobalib or Com and Visit have followed the program proposed by the First. The program helps women entrepreneurs develop their entrepreneurial spirit through a variety of workshops. Coaching, coaching, exchanges and training are the rhythm of the days within the incubator.

Highlighting women’s entrepreneurship

Women do not dare to engage in entrepreneurship for several reasons. On the one hand, they need support that is not always offered to them. Indeed, starting entrepreneurship is not innate or easy. You have to have strong shoulders and lots of advice and feedback. There are also many aspects of entrepreneurship that need to be mastered, such as accounting, management and legal aspects. But attitudes have changed, and more than ever encourage women to embark on their own adventure. Through trade shows such as Profession’L,for example, women can aspire to become entrepreneurs. Other competitions and forums, such as Be A Boss, allow women to present their project and benefit from support to get started. Women are creative, innovative, and think about plans for the future.

Now the regional association and two branches are present in Gironde. On a daily basis, in Aquitaine, the human, health, ecology and mobility aspects are all challenges to be developed, in order to shape the world of tomorrow. These are all subjects that the first people develop, to improve the daily lives of Bordeaux, and the French. Bordeaux is a city that encourages entrepreneurship, and attracts new talent and new ideas. Women have a horizon of opportunities ahead of them to make a difference, and innovate. Bordeaux French Tech and land of women entrepreneurs?

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