Wage portage and the job market

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There is now a form of alternative employment to the traditional French wage-earning system that is much talked about: it is the wage portage. Responding to the needs of the self-employed, this status is secured by a porting contract as well as social protection. Offering interesting opportunities for employees, the wage-carrying market is growing rapidly. According to PEPS, it increased by 18% from 2017 to 2018 and is the author of an estimated turnover of more than one billion euros for 2018. Wage portage therefore conquered more and more French and settled in many cities such as Bordeaux.

A tripartite contractual relationship through a porting contract

Wage portage is “a tripartite contractual relationship in which an employee with an employment contract with a wage-carrying company performs a benefit on behalf of client companies,” according to the Public Service. To take advantage of the opportunities of the employee status carried, a contract must therefore be signed by the wage-carrying company and by the client company for whom the employee will perform assignments.

The rise of wage porting in Bordeaux

The French are more interested in wage-carrying and are increasingly considering doing so. Many companies in Bordeaux are embarking on an adventure like Portify, wage portage is indeed booming. Bordeaux has become a very dynamic metropolis in terms of jobs, so it is obvious that the new players in the job market are establishing themselves there.

A two-hour train train from the capital, Bordeaux is a very attractive and touristy city with an appreciable quality of life. In addition, it brings together a wide variety of companies from all sectors. The future of salary porting on bordeaux is therefore promising. The labour and employment markets are constantly changing. New issues need to be taken into account on a daily basis. Innovative concepts and new players are emerging to meet the needs of the market. In this dynamic of renewal, the opportunity offered by wage porting status seems to be a widely considered option. Is a job revolution to be expected? 2020 promises to be a pivotal year…

The strengths of this contract

This includes the minimum gross remuneration excluding allowance, which is 2,533 euros per month. In addition to this monthly remuneration provided by the employment contract, the employee carried receives a business contribution allowance equivalent to 5% of the remuneration as well as an end-of-contract allowance of 10% of his turnover.

According to a Study conducted by APEC in partnership with PEPS in March 2019, more than half of executives are willing to work in jobs that move away from traditional employment contracts. Among the alternatives, the choice of wage portage is very popular. Indeed, this status allows in particular a supplement of activity and can also help the participation of the acquisition of the quarters recorded for retirement.

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