La Ruche Bordeaux launches its project “Les Ambitieuses”

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Updated on October 7, 2020. The Ruche Bordeaux is setting up a project to support women entrepreneurs “Les Ambitieuses” in line with its previous projects “Digital Impact” and “Les Audacious”. Indeed, the Ambitious “Tech for Good” display their social “ambition” throughout the territory, especially in Bordeaux.

The competition started with a finding and expertise

The hive officials started because the rate of women entrepreneurs in new technologies is only 8%. Their ambition is therefore to enable more women to develop their projects in this sector.

With the Ambitieuses, we want to participate in the emergence of new female success stories in the Tech For Good sector. While they are still under-represented today, we want to encourage women to develop new technologies in the service of the common good. As we work to create new models, we hope that other women will identify with our Ambitious and in turn engage in social entrepreneurship.

Margaux Cosnier, co-director incubation, The Hive

In this sense, La Hive actually combines two previous expertises, “The Audacious” and “Digital Impact”, to create a new project: “The Ambitious”. The project is based on the initiative of Tech For Good, i.e. committed and social technologies. The idea is to help women who want to start a new adventure in entrepreneurship. Thus, the winner will have privileged access to La Hive with project development assistance sessions lasting 6 months, as well as the linking with a network of experts and a substantial financial assistance of 5000 euros.

Present in 3 regions in France (Ile-de-France, Pays de Loire and Nouvelle Aquitaine) the Launch Party of Bordeaux took place on Thursday, March 8, i.e. Women’s Rights Day.

The Tech for Good Ambitiouss are working hard to bring their social enterprise projects to fruition.

Entrepreneurial initiatives multiply in Bordeaux

Thus, rich in a multitude of incubators or business incubators, the city of Bordeaux shows a notable entrepreneurial dynamism. New Aquitaine recorded a 4% increase between 2016 and 2017 in the number of start-ups. Bordeaux is indeed an acceleration pole comprising more than 6% of the regional entrepreneurial fabric. The project “Les Ambitieuses” is therefore part of this movement to flourish in the Bordeaux entrepreneurial sphere. “Half of humanity is female.

Digital creativity must be nourished more than ever by all sensibilities and complementarity.

Brigitte Dumont, CSR Director Orange Group and event partner

The many movements supporting creation and development for, and within startups, has a real ambition of gender inclusion. A true illustration of public opinion on this subject, these types of events are multiplying in the city of Bordeaux. Indeed, in addition to the project “The Ambitiouss” of La Hive, we can list “Be A Boss” which promotes the exchange between women entrepreneurs or “The Pioneers” in Darwin, the business incubator of Bordeaux, which supports many startups founded by women.

In the end, the big winners of the “The Ambitious” contest for New Aquitaine are Solinum and Artist.Live. Solinum develops digital solutions for the most vulnerable people, and Artist.Live offers a platform to connect with artists for a performance.

A renewed, successful competition

Since the launch of the Les Ambitieuses programme, the number 3 promotion has shown its dynamism and serenity. These include Annabelle CHAMPAGNE and her WI PHARMA project. “A collaborative, supportive and environmentally friendly system that provides a drug delivery solution for patients unable to travel.” Also of note are Colis Hoopi, worn by Charlotte DARMET and Antonin GRÊLÉ. It is a solution that allows e-retailers to dispose of reusable parcels and recycled and recyclable packaging.

The Ruche Bordeaux is finally a friendly and committed coworking space, conducive to the emergence of all entrepreneurial, creative and social ideas.


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