The International Trade Show of Agriculture, Innovation and Alternative Financing

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The International Agriculture Show is the time for industry players to showcase their products and innovations. Faced with the difficulties encountered, farmers are turning to alternative financing methods.

The International Agriculture Show, Between Globalization and Reality

The International Agriculture Show was held from February 24 to March 4 in Paris. This is one of the largest trade shows held in the capital and products from the New Aquitaine Region were of course present! For more than fifty years, the salon has brought together the main players in the agricultural world. This event allows participants to show their products, but also to report on the reality of the sector. Breeders, organizations, private and public organizations, or even research institutes present their views, with a global vision of a vital sector.

New Aquitaine has, of course, been represented by several players in the Region. The main bases of the Aquitaine economy, agriculture or tourism, are directly linked to the sectors represented at the show. Moreover, several PGIs, such as the Porcelaine de Limoges, are put forward to support the specifics of the Region.

A changing agricultural world

Faced with the proliferation of international treaties or agreements (such as the recent CETA), as well as new production or protection standards, the various players in the sector have no choice but to adapt.

On 22 February, two days before the Agricultural Fair, French President Emmanuel Macron was hosting around 100 farmers at the Elysée Palace to discuss his next decisions on agricultural reforms. Despite some reluctance on the part of his interlocutors, the President announced:   “I am not here to please, I am here to   do.” During the dinner, several points were discussed, such as the 5 billion euro investment plan, which will partly support the transformation of agricultural and livestock structures. The President also stressed his desire to support young farmers in their projects.

But what about Aquitaine? New Aquitaine is the largest agricultural region in France and Europe, the sector represents more than 124,000 jobs, so these reforms are closely followed in the Region.

Alternative financing methods

In the face of increasing competition, and the precariousness of some sub-sectors, the agricultural world is turning to new alternatives, particularly crowdfunding platforms.

The Kiss Kiss Bank Bank platform has turned in part to financing agriculture-related projects to become the first crowdfunding platform for agriculture and food. For example, several projects in the New Aquitaine Region have been financed, such as “Agro-trip” which proposes to rediscover the respectful farming techniques from Argentina and which has been able to raise 1600 euros. We can also mention the Tudigo platform which proposes to finance regional projects.


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