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British singer Sting collaborates with an independent video game publisher by lending his voice to one of the characters, illustrating the diversification strategies of the video game industry.

Sting, the lover of winery

The singer Sting, who became known thanks to his many hits with the band Police or with his solo career, particularly likes the beauty of Bordeaux terroirs. Indeed, on April 7, the British singer was present in Saint-Emilion, invited by the Chinese actress Zhao Wei owner of the Chateau Monlot winery, to sing among other things his illustrious “Message In The Bottle”.

The singer, originally from Wallsend in the north-east of the United Kingdom, is not at his first declaration of love for the wine industry. For more than 10 years, Sting and his wife Trudie, an English actress and producer, have owned an Italian villa in Tuscany in the south of Florence. Abandoned, the 16th century Il Palagio villa was redeveloped by the couple, and many vines were planted within the estate, which was then in wasteland.

Between tradition and modernity, from terroirs to video games

Not long ago, the singer’s presence was highly noticed at the heart of the independent video game “Where The Water Tastes Like Wine”. In this game, Sting lends his voice to a wolf, narrator of the game, who accompanies the player throughout his journey. The video game’s publisher, Good Sheperd Entertainment, publishes video games through its own financing platform, which allows it real creative freedom.

Where the Water Tastes Like Wine is a unique narrative experience, and I’m happy to be part of this visionary collaboration – says Sting.

The singer transports us through an America in the middle of mythical construction. The game rests on a blues-hued soundtrack, punctuated by Sting’s voice. With his many interactive characters, the hero follows several adventures of the Conquest of the West until the 20th century. Already acclaimed by critics, it is hoped that this video game will be present at the next show of the BGF – Bordeaux Geek Festival

Like Sting, many singers collaborate with video game creators, such as David Bowie for the game Nomad Soul or Michael Jackson.

A competitive sector in search of originality

These collaborations are part of a desire to demarcate, within an ultra-competitive sector. Faced with new creators in emerging countries, mainly in Asia, and new digital platforms such as Steam,creators must redouble their originality to distinguish themselves on the international scene.

The largest producer of French video games, Ubisoft, develops several strategies to face this competition. The international deployment allows the Breton firm to be on the lookout for new developments in the video game industry. Its recent installation in Bordeaux is proof of this. Indeed, the recent dynamism of Bordeaux in the sector of new technologies has attracted the French video game giant, in addition to other companies in the sector such as OVH.

Perhaps the singer will soon be able to link his two passions in the heart of the New Aquitaine Region, with the recent installation of the video game giant Ubisoft , or the new concert hall Bordeaux Metropole Arena.

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