The “Do It Yourself” trend at the foot of the Fir.

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For a few years now, “handmade” gifts have been the new stars under the tree. The arrival of the designers in the Christmas markets allows to break the traditionalism of the latter, to find more unique and original products. Organic and fair trade gifts are also in vogue, such as Bordeaux wines, or chocolates, oils and cosmetics that are increasingly presented in shops (and supermarkets)!

Handmade allows to highlight small designers who offer unique creations, local, made with materials from recycled products (wood, fabrics, paper or scrap) but not only: some Bordeaux markets welcome designers from all over the world, to offer ethnic creations (Africa, Asia).

The trend is not only on the stalls of the Bordeaux markets. In Gironde, the concept also appeals to boutiques that choose to position themselves on the designer market, like Arcachon Market, which focuses on local and varied creations, but not only. It is possible to find more and more ephemeral boutiques, on particular themes or groups of designers who do not have a physical shop. It is a way for these creators to make known their universe, their history and to be able to meet customers. In Aquitaine, people spend more than 260 euros of Christmas gifts for this year, a slight decrease (figures from a TNS Sofres survey). We are gradually moving away from the connected objects that are still present in the packages, to move towards more natural and almost “tailor-made” products (in fact, most of these creators have little or very little stock).

The purchase of such products for Christmas gifts has most of the time a symbolism for the person receiving them. For example, a creation representing a cat if the person loves cats very much, or a gift that perfectly represents the relationship between the person offering and the person receiving, especially in terms of customizable products. When one thinks of the term “creator”, the reflex is to think that the products will be very high because the creations are unique and have required some time to work. Their goal is to make themselves known to develop their sales, have more orders and be able to offer new creations.

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