The world invests in New Aquitaine

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Entering French Tech two years ago, the city of Bordeaux is growing very fast and its dynamism attracts foreign countries (especially companies) who wish to invest in it by establishing themselves, or by buying entities already present in our territory.

Indeed, with the construction of Bordeaux Euratlantique, the LGV planned for this year, or the dynamism of Bordeaux-Mérignac airport, the development of the agencies ADI (Aquitaine Development Innovation) and BGI (Bordeaux Gironde Investissement), foreign investors are showing up to lay their bags in the Greater Region.

In 2015, the region ranked seventh in the country for interest from foreign investors, generating 11% more jobs (940 created in New Aquitaine). In research and development, it is in fifth place. All over the world, we know Aquitaine thanks to wine, and a few areas break through a little in the region such as agri-food, wood, or aeronautics with Thalès or Dassault among others.

But who are the investors who are betting on the Greater Region?

Unsurprisingly, the Chinese are very fond of Bordeaux wines. They own more than 100 castles in the region and in Bordeaux, bought from their former owners. They then export the bottles from their estates to their country, the vast majority. Today they own 2% of bordeaux vineyards, and these statistics continue to grow. Wealthy billionaires from the Middle Country who are more and more numerous to visit the estates to buy them, main foreign investors in Bordeaux vineyards.

The Belgians are also big investors in this field, and own more than 50 properties. But wine is not their only investment in the South West of France, they also invest in agri-food, wood or aeronautics. Since Bordeaux entered the circle of French Tech-labelled cities, Belgium has also been interested in the development of its digital economy, as its development is very rapid and very promising for all the companies that set up shop there. Today, some thirty Belgian companies have set up shop in the Aquitaine region.

Finally, the Germans and Americans willingly settled in Aquitaine, like Delta Pronatura, a German company that decided to set up its Subsidiary France in Saint-Médard en Jalles.

From 2015 to 2018, the region hopes that foreign investors based in Aquitaine will have created more than 3,500 jobs.

In addition, in 2015, Bordeaux hosted the World STI Congress on smart transport, with 10,000 visitors from more than 100 countries. A great way to show how good it is for businesses to live in the Port of the Moon…

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