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Tourism has been on hold for several weeks now. As the summer season approaches, many people postpone or cancel their departure. In this context, escaping from home seems like an attractive solution for many French people. It is possible to prepare your next holiday serenely from home, while dreaming of sumptuous landscapes. All thanks to the internet and the creativity of tourism players.

New Aquitaine tourism, between uncertainty and precaution

Many French people have cancelled a planned trip during the confinement, or in the months following it. Following the rapid advance of COVID-19, several countries have closed their borders, such as Spain, or the United States. In France, the closure of the airports completely stopped the tourist flow that was to arrive for the start of the season. This was a difficult time for all tourism professionals, who, in addition to seeing reservations cancelled, had to close their establishment. In New Aquitaine, where tourism is the main regional economy, concern is growing. By 2019, the region had welcomed more than 32 million tourists, according to the Regional Tourism Committee. The region had already faced the Brexit announcement, which had reduced the share of British tourists by seeing a new clientele arrive.

However, this year, with the complete cessation of all tourism activity, the CRT expects a “difficult year”. Indeed, Michel DURRIEU, the Director General of the CRT acknowledges that the season could not start until mid-July. April and the bridges of May, which are usually a good time to go on holiday, don’t go from home. Indeed, by May 11, travel could be limited to a radius of 100 km around his home. Many French people decide to wait a few longer before leaving their homes, and even moving. This is all the more difficult since all tourism professionals have no information on a possible reopening. Even so, some measures due to the state of health emergency that runs until 24 July 2020 could slow down the number of tourists.

Travelling without leaving your couch, tourism version containment

If the possible date of the end of confinement approaches, there is no question of saying that life will return to normal. Initially, travel will be limited to 100 kilometres around his home. All this while continuing the application of all the gestures barriers to avoid reviving a new wave of contamination. It is therefore impossible to discover the architectural treasures and emblematic places of other cities and countries. To make up for this, and continue to spread art and culture, there are virtual tours, to escape from his couch.

For example, many museums have created these interactive tours, like the famous Louvre Museum. It is therefore possible for all art lovers in need of visit to walk the galleries and discover the heritage at will. Other world famous monuments can also be visited. The Vatican’s Sistine Chapel, the British Museum in London and the Prado Museum in Madrid are just a click away!

In Bordeaux, it is possible to discover the city on a virtual tour as well, to get to all the emblematic places without effort. Thanks to this style of technology, it is easy to prepare for your next vacation by spotting original destinations. Escape has no limits, and with the virtual tour, anything is possible for tourism professionals. Indeed, some hotels use this technology so that future guests can discover their establishment. The frame can thus be highlighted, as can the layout of the rooms. An advantage that allows to attract more customers, for a fun and reassuring experience.

Supporting tourism professionals after the crisis

How will the return to progressive tourism activity go after the lifting of travel restrictions? The return to normal is not for this year, but the situation will gradually change. For tourism professionals, 2020 will not be good for attendance in New Aquitaine. As tourism is the main economic activity in the region, there is no doubt that this year’s results will be unprecedented.

Seaside tourism and winemaking are the mainstays of the region, especially the Gironde. Indeed, Bordeaux and the Arcachon Basin concentrate a large part of tourism during the summer period. Despite the uncertainties associated with a resumption of activity and hotel, some professionals are starting to offer accommodation reservations again. This is the case for Feel Luxury Holidays, for example, which offers to prepare in advance for its next trip by booking a luxurious villa in France or abroad. After two months in confinement, the desire to go out and be closer to his family increases.

A real black spot for all tourism professionals, the current period has crystallized the entire economy of this sector. Despite this, initiatives are multiplying to entertain the confined, by proposing an escape from home. While the actual recovery of the activity is still uncertain, some professionals choose to start preparing for the start of the season. The 2020 season has been largely cut, pushed back from April to mid-July. However, it allows to reinvent local tourism, encouraging the French to take advantage of the local setting rather than more distant trips…


A catastrophic year for tourism in New Aquitaine – / 24/04/2020

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