The toy, from the Lepine contest in Japan: O P P I

The toy for the development of the child. Indeed, from the first years the development of the child is fundamental. It has a direct impact on their development and will define the adult it will become. Studies in neurology show that this stage of child-rearing plays a crucial role in the long term. Closely linked to gambling, it leads in particular to better academic success while soliciting creativity and imagination.

A new vision of education geared towards development and creativity

Early childhood is the period during which the child’s brain development takes place. During this period, he learns by interacting. It is these first experiences related to the world around him that will forge his physical, cognitive or social development. Therefore, taking this step into account and optimizing these first years of life is an issue to ensure its future success (1). New educational techniques are emerging in nurseries. They focus on the personal development of each child. For example, in the Crèche Léa et Léo in Bordeaux,we notice the introduction of playful homelessness. It allows exploration, encounter with children of other ages, and also moving games and toys into space.

Indeed, it must be taken into account that games and toys have a role in the development of the child. Codified according to age, they meet the needs of everyone. By playing, the child will begin his learning with knowledge of colors, textures, tastes or sounds. Awakening through play responds to the psychomotor needs of the latter. The toy brand O P P I understand this well, it offers a toy offer dedicated to education, development and creativity.

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The child’s development also involves play.

The toy according to O P P I and its international ambitions

The O P P I ® brand was born in 2018 in Montpellier under the leadership of two brothers Hansel and Bastin Schloupt. The strength of the project lies in the complementary strengths of the latter. The first being product designer specializing in research and children’s products. The second, as a production manager, is driven by a passion for the project. Indeed, the aim of the brand is to show the value of design as an educational tool in toys. For this, they think all their toys through research and collaborations combining education and design. They also aim to offer children toys better designed to shape the adults of tomorrow. The brand’s first toy, PIKS, was an unprecedented success. This allowed the brand to be projected across borders (2).

Thus, the PIKS toy is a construction game. Thanks to its design and colours, it contributes to the child’s development. Indeed, its design and colors improve their attention skills, decision-making, creativity and motor skills. The success is such that the toy has received numerous awards, the Grand Prize of the Toy 2020, the gold medal of the Lepine competition or the Core77 design award in New York. But O P P I’s ambitions don’t stop there. The brand plans to conquer Japan. Indeed, she sees a buoyant market because contrary to what one might think, not all toys in Japan come from manga culture. Japanese people are particularly fond of traditional wooden toys. An opportunity for the brand to further develop its international presence.

Thus, we notice that the development of the child becomes more and more central. Whether in educational projects or in the reflection of the toys proposed to him. While one might think of increasingly high tech toys following unprecedented innovations we see toys simply designed to help the development of tomorrow’s adults.


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