Valuing Women’s Entrepreneurship: The Women’s Trophy for Economics

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Highlighting women’s entrepreneurship in the heart of regions is a top priority at the national level. The Women of economics trophy was born with this in mind. For the past ten years, he has been revealing feminine talents throughout France. This is a great event where women entrepreneurs present their concept and are rewarded. A Trophy that is this year in a digital format, and which takes place on November 26, 2020 from 6:30 p.m.

Values, and a long-term projection for parity

Through events such as the Women’s Trophy of the Economy, the main challenge is to be able to convey essential values. Values that advance gender parity in the professional sphere. These events allow women entrepreneurs to build an important professional network, and to engage in the innovations of tomorrow. A commitment that helps women get started in their projects, giving them more scope. This helps to promote the culture of equality, and gives more visibility to women’s entrepreneurship projects. For this reason, the event is followed in all regions of France. 59 events have already taken place in different regions of the country since 2010, when the Women of the Economy Trophy was created. And the momentum doesn’t seem ready to stop.

Woman head of construction business
Women contribute to the economy of many industries by developing their project.

Indeed, since the launch of this all-female event, many candidates have submitted their applications. In total, there are more than 6,100 entrepreneurial projects, for “only” 540 winners. Winners from different industries and geographic sectors. A way to show that women can lead in all occupations. Stefany CAUCHOIS is the winner of the 2017 edition. This Bordeaux woman has created the company “Firstep in English”, which allows everyone to learn English with courses tailored to everyone. An adventure that continues to develop today with the opening of several learning centres. Women in the economy can receive several awards depending on their project. “Woman project leader”, “Women’s Social Innovation Award”, “Women’s Promising Business Leader Award” or “Women’s Entrepreneur Award”.

Women in the economy, in Bordeaux and elsewhere

For these women entrepreneurs, solutions to develop are multiplying all over the country… But also in the region. In New Aquitaine, these initiatives are numerous and are growing in popularity every year. The Audies, for example, support women in the development and support of their project. An office in Bordeaux was born, proof of the local female entrepreneurial dynamism. The Pioneers are part of a Federation of the same name, which has about twenty incubators in France and abroad. In total, more than 2,000 women are realizing their business creation project through this program. Although Pioneers are now The First, the identity of the initiative remains the same. Indeed, it highlights women’s entrepreneurship, and allows them to develop their project. This sizeable support allows entrepreneurs to find the right partners, and grow serenely.

For several years now, events such as the Women’s Economics Trophy have strengthened women’s place in entrepreneurship. These are all meetings, events that encourage the development of innovative projects in all sectors of activity. Sectors sometimes even considered masculine, as in the industry.


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