UAV Day, professional drones in the spotlight

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Innovation is revolutionizing industries and industries. On the occasion of the UAV Show, professional drones are highlighted. They grow very quickly and offer more advanced functionality to their users. And in this sector, demand is very strong. Between 2012 and 2018, the activity of French manufacturers and operators increased by 900%. As such, the global drone market is important. It is worth $6 billion in 2020. In Bordeaux, an event honours professional drones: the UAV Show. An event scheduled to take place from September 15 to 17, 2020.

UVA Decade Show postponed, but compensated

The UAV Show did not take place this year. Unfortunately, professional drone enthusiasts will have to wait another year to access the show. This year, the salon celebrated its tenth anniversary. Each year, it allows actors from many European countries to present their innovations and carry out demonstrations. At the 2018 edition, about 100 participants were present. In order to continue to offer meetings in a suitable environment, the UAV Show has been transformed into UAV Day. Indeed, this highlight took place on September 16, 2020 on the St. Helena Cesa Drones Test Zone. It was used to present innovations in the sector, and to discuss the use of drones in the professional environment.

UAV Day Day dedicated to professional drones – Video Bordeaux Technowest for UAV Show

During the day, participants would discover in-flight drone demonstrations, exhibition stands and roundtables to exchange together. The aim of such events is to be able to identify the different actors in the same place and map them… But also encourage and develop partnerships in the sector, and accelerate its international business development. The event also relies on the support of many partners including AirFrance, the New Aquitaine region, French Tech Bordeaux and Magnetic Bordeaux. They are actors who play an important role at the national level, but also at the local level, for many sectors of activity. They encourage the holding of events such as the UAV Show, and to be able to promote French and European companies on the international market.

Drones at the service of professional activity

Drone flight demo UAV Day
In-flight demonstrations show the power of drones – Photo Bordeaux Technowest

Finally, the arrival of drones in the professional sphere brings a real solution to many professions. The success of drones is felt. Indeed, in 2018, 78% of the civilian drone market in France consists of professional drones. In the Bordeaux region, for example, drones help map farms, and can even analyze vines. However, this is a definite investment in equipment, equipment not yet fully profitable in the immediate future. But drones offer great opportunities for development in certain sectors, such as faster product delivery. Looking to the future, some companies hope to be able to meet immediate needs with drones. Less polluting, they compensate with a conveyed displacement. Thus, less traffic jams, less pollution, and an almost immediate response to all needs.

At a time when COVID-19 is impacting professional markets and the lives of individuals, innovation continues. UAV Day allowed companies to showcase their new drones and conduct open-air demonstrations. Who knows, maybe in the future treatments can be delivered to sick patients with drones? Indeed, it is a market that is soaring, and which develops in its wake, the field of possibilities. This is a great opportunity for many companies, who intend to be part of this trend.


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Photo credits: Bordeaux Technowest for UAV Day

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