Ubisoft moves to Bordeaux

Ubisoft. A world-renowned company, founded in 1986 by Yves Guillemot, the current CEO who is one of the three largest video game publishers in the world, behind Electronic Arts and Activision Blizzard. Until then, it employed 10,000 employees worldwide and decided to establish itself in Berlin, Germany, but also in France… Bordeaux! This is not the first “antenna” Ubisoft that is in France, we find in Paris, Annecy, Lyon or Montpellier, however the Bordeaux location is accompanied by a wave of recruitments that already generates a lot of interest …

The company said it wanted to employ about 50 people, including experts already working in the company, as well as graphic designers and developers. The arrival in Bordeaux is no accident: the strong digital influence, the dynamics of digital technology thanks to the Bordeaux ecosystem and the numerous schools offering training around computer science and video games have attracted companies, who, like Ubisoft, have seized the opportunity to lay down their suitcases in the capital of the New Aquitaine region. Worldwide, over the last 9 months, according to an internal press release, Ubisoft has achieved a turnover of 811.3 million euros, of which 42% on the European continent. This figure is up 5.5% from the previous year. Video games captivate consumers, who are 33% more than the last 9 months playing regularly over the months: they are called monthly active users,or MAU.

Today, and thanks to the new technical prowess with the image, the video game is more and more accomplished, in tune with reality. The rise of virtual reality and augmented reality has further accelerated its popularity. Games are ubiquitous, on different media, such as smartphones with multiple applications that are created to seduce as many people as possible, or console games, computer games… Finally, leisure is daily, both children and adults.

Ubisoft has the wind in its sails to continue its expansion around the world, as it allows the creation of many video games that may be the best sellers of tomorrow. As a reminder, the company is the origin of games that we all know, like Just Dance, the game on Wii that appeals to groups of friends and families, RayMan, the friend of children as well as Assassins Creed, the series of video games that retrace the story, with action. Famous games around the world, so.

If Ubisoft makes you dream, the recruitment session to find the future talents of its Bordeaux branch is held on June 29th in Bordeaux.

Audrey Kozaczka – Bordeaux Business


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