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Entrepreneurship in Bordeaux, local specificity and global dynamics

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The Bordeaux economy is changing very quickly. A veritable ecosystem where many synergies rub shoulders, entrepreneurship is easily combined with Bordeaux. However, the keys to “better” undertaking are sometimes tricky to detect in a context of permanent economic transformation. As such, the Manageo platform offers companies to share data so that it benefits the entire French or local entrepreneurial ecosystem. In addition, both nationally and locally, business start-ups reached record highs in 2018.  However, while the number of start-ups in a territory remains crucial in terms of indicators of good health and economic sustainability, other more informal criteria are to be taken into account. 



A national ecosystem in terms of business creations that mask regional specificities 


The year 2018 was particularly dynamic for the creation of companies in France with 15,554 additional companies created compared to 2017, for a total of 627,134 new companies over the year. According to the Manageo barometer on business creation, the number of companies created in France increased by 2.54% in 2018. Of this total, 97% were head offices, reflecting the growth of entrepreneurship in France with real business launches. The choice of legal residence in the Bordeaux region is a real strategic choice.


Nevertheless, this widespread boom should not mask an uneven geographical distribution. Indeed, more than a quarter of French companies are born in Ile-de-France. As for the New Aquitaine region, it does not occupy the top of the ranking, since the second position in terms of business creation goes to Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes with 11.58% of companies created from the national total and 9.5% for the PACA region. Beyond the approach in quantitative terms, which can sometimes seem misleading especially in view of the number of business failures, the creation of businesses in France mainly concerns real estate activities that devote 18% of business creations. The automotive creation sector as well as specialized, scientific and technical activities are also nationally representative of this entrepreneurial dynamic. 


However, there are regional differences in the industry. New Aquitaine is distinguished by a very dynamic sector of public administration, since it generated the creation of 570 companies in 2018, ahead of the Ile-de-France. This sector is boosted by the strong employment pool of the South-West metropolis since Bordeaux was ranked third in employment after Toulouse and Lyon (excluding Paris) by Trendeo in June 2016. The Bordeaux employment pool benefits from a good entrepreneurial ecosystem that lives on its clusters, banks, public incubators, competitiveness clusters, technopoles, business incubators, universities and research centres. Nevertheless, all these players still need to standardize their actions to meet the expectations of future SME-SMEs and consolidate the positions of companies already anchored in the Bordeaux economy.



Bringing the entrepreneurial ecosystem to life with a data activation strategy 


The business creation index is a good indicator but does not allow a B2B ecosystem to live in its entirety. The B2B data activation strategy can help drive business decisions. This would boost sales and marketing operations. From this perspective, data valuation is a strategic issue for companies. In order for them to benefit the entire B2B ecosystem, it is necessary to have tools for homogenization and structuring of data. Platforms like Manageo help companies connect, share and convert their data into actionable information. For the New Aquitaine region, Manageo identified 62,580 companies for 2018, with an average age of 13 years. Even if their sector of activity and their own objectives do not necessarily overlap, boosting the economic development of the region requires a link. As such, Manageo has a recommendation algorithm called “mBot” which aims to connect companies in order to break down barriers between B2B and B2C and promote positive business encounters. The signing of a partnership between the Entrepreneurship Aquitaine Network with the association CRA (Cedants and Business Buyers) is part of this dynamic of mesh of the Bordeaux ecosystem.



The business creation index therefore remains an important indicator to measure the economic dynamism of a region or territory. While France and locally New Aquitaine remain drivers in terms of economic growth, these territories remain lagging behind in terms of pooling entrepreneurial synergies. An entrepreneurial ecosystem is also measured by informal economic criteria such as data-driven marketing from a B2B perspective. The contact with new economic partners is thus promoted, their prospecting digitalized and this for the good of the Bordeaux business community!


Justine Angibaud – BORDEAUX BUSINESS



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