Unitec Bordeaux, a development-oriented anniversary

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On April 7, 2020, UNITEC is hosting a unique event at the Arkéa Arena to celebrate its 30th anniversary. This is an opportunity for the Bordeaux actor to look back on his latest successes, and take stock of his current state, while looking ahead to the years to come. This big event will be an opportunity to analyze trends in the start-up ecosystem and innovation, using Start-up Day, as well as the “Signals 2020” conference. These are not misleading about Bordeaux’s entrepreneurial dynamism.

Unitec, the key Bordeaux actor

Unitec has not become a key player thanks to its longevity, but because of its numbers. On its website, the support structure says it has been able to contribute to the creation of nearly 500 start-ups throughout France. With the help of a team of 12 start-ups managers, Unitec brings together its skills in three professions: digital, engineering and life sciences. The creation and launch of a start-up is cut in such a way as to ensure success by respecting certain stages, first the accompaniment of the idea until its creation, using the incubator, its development and structuring in its nursery and finally in its growth and its passage in the accelerator UpGrade New Aquitaine .

The figures for 2019 speak for the Bordeaux incubator, with 124 start-ups accompanied by 37.2 million euros of funds raised, as well as a sustainability rate of companies followed by 83%, over 5 years. But to go further, as every year, Unitec published its survey conducted in November and December 2019 concerning the jobs generated by companies supported over the years, as well as their own development.

30 years of entrepreneurship and job creation

In a few figures, it has been a 70% sustainability rate for the whole since 1989. More than 5,000 jobs also come from Companies born at Unitec, with an increase of 782 jobs in 1 year. It should be noted that 93% of the companies created, remain in New Aquitaine. Thus, you don’t have to “go up to the capital” to flourish.

Unitec’s 30th anniversary is also an opportunity to give these start-ups the opportunity to meet the players who make up the Bordeaux economy. Large groups, SMEs in industry and services, researchers but also potential investors… A welcome creative breath for tomorrow’s businesses. An event widely followed and supported by nearly a hundred partners including the New Aquitaine Region, Bordeaux Metropole, Thalès, Crédit Agricole, Happy Capital, French Tech Bordeaux, Inria, or University of Bordeaux to name but a few.

The day continues with signals 2020, an appointment that has become a must in order to decipher societal and technological trends. The 2019 edition had already been a success with more than 700 participants. Topics covered include Robotics, Esport and Trust and Ethics.

Bordeaux, a reference that is confirmed

Bordeaux’s dynamism needs less and less to be demonstrated. Bordeaux is becoming a reference for young entrepreneurs looking for fulfillment, . The size of the market also allows for a place in a less crowded business than in the Paris capital. In addition to the accompanying tricks, Didier ROUX, Managing Director of Unitec,highlightsaccess to very dynamic financing in the region. In addition, as an entrepreneur, you can still get close to the BPI, the Entrepreneur network or French Tech Bordeaux.

Growth and start-up in Bordeaux

With a population of less than one million, the market appears to be small. However, this does not prevent the presence of structures such as OVH or Betclic. With the LGV, the proximity to the capital also gives access to this market. While keeping the comfort that life can offer to Bordeaux…

In the end, it is a great event for the 30th anniversary of Unitec that is looming, an opportunity to take stock of the results of the structure, while continuing to push the world of start-ups in the region of New Aquitaine. The city of Bordeaux continues to grow on the national scene, becoming a must in the world of entrepreneurship.


Unitec Release celebrates its 30th anniversary – UNITEC

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