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The University of Entrepreneurs, MEDEF Gironde

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Bordeaux entrepreneurs have their big event: the University of Entrepreneurs is held on November 9, 2017, in the premises of the Kedge Business School. This day, articulated around the evocative slogan “Place à l’Audace” has the primary aim of allowing the meeting between entrepreneurs who have already been able to forge their weapons through their professional experiences and the younger generation that could follow the entrepreneurial movement.

Medef Gironde - KEDGE Business School

Under the sign of audacity, beyond fears

KEDGE Business School - Medef Gironde

Indeed, the ferocity of the current market, the proliferation of competitors in all sectors and the fear of daring make entrepreneurs less daring than before, and therefore seek to survive rather than seek to innovate. A trend that MEDEF Gironde, at the initiative of the University of Entrepreneurs, wants to reverse.

During the day, many workshops will be held, aimed primarily at accompanying but also reassuring entrepreneurs in the making, helping them to make the right decisions about the strategy to be adopted while taking into account the stakes and the important development of digital in professional activity.

KEDGE Business School - Medef Gironde

In partnership with the CCI of Gironde, Aerocampus and the FFB, the University of Entrepreneurs organizes Tribunes, in order to discuss with participants and professionals the issue of audacity in several aspects, for example from a philosophical or sociological perspective. The entrepreneur’s vision is very important because it allows to raise many questions but also to answer problems that other people may encounter.

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Breaking the ice around Lab Cafés

Then, after lunch, an opportunity for meetings and exchanges between professionals around the meal, participants can take part in The Lab Cafés, meetings aimed at the exchange and confrontation of ideas, focused around major themes:

  • The audacity to undertake: knowing the ecosystem
  • From audacity to the idea: live the experience of co-development!
  • Audacity: how to break codes?
  • Know how to maintain the culture of audacity
KEDGE Business School - Medef Gironde

These Lab Cafés are in partnership with the Plasseraud Cabinet, but also mutual Ociane and Vakom.

Finally, participants will be invited to participate in the “Back to school” Masterclass hosted by the Kedge, in the classroom with the aim of having a more pragmatic approach to avoid hasty decision-making by entrepreneurs, in order to limit their recklessness.

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Meetings with professional partners

The University of Entrepreneurs also puts a stand of professionals in the spotlight with Bordeaux Business, the Kedge Business School, Mutual Harmony and the Bordeaux University Foundation, who participate in the event to give advice and share their professional experience with the participants.

To close this day centered around audacity and innovation, entrepreneurs can sign up for the cocktail and gala dinner entitled “Entrepreneurs’ Night” accessible by registration. The opportunity to expand its network around a moment of relaxation to finish the day well. 700 entrepreneurs will meet from 7:30 p.m.

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