University of Entrepreneurs 2018, “No Limit” for Bordeaux Entrepreneurs

An annual meeting of Bordeaux entrepreneurs organized by the MEDEF, the University of Entrepreneurs has become a must-see. This year’s UDE takes place at the Kedge Business School in Talence on November 8, 2018. A day marked by liberation, exceeding the limits that can be imposed in the face of entrepreneurial life. This event expects no less than 1500 participants, who come to share their experiences and draw inspiration from the advice given by stakeholders and other participants.

Opening up to opportunities, exceeding your limits

An entrepreneur is subject to many obstacles throughout his professional adventure. From the creation of his project to the development of his business, the entrepreneur must make decisions, open up to different possibilities and seize the opportunities that will move him forward. The University of Entrepreneurs follows this logic, with the ambition to support entrepreneurs in their personal and professional development, helping them to exceed their limits on a daily basis. Throughout the day, participants can take advantage of feedback, conferences organized by partners and stakeholders to get all the advice they need to develop: how to effectively fundraise, how to better identify and understand decisions that encourage a client to purchase, or how entrepreneurs’ actions have a significant impact on the market.


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“No Limit”, an entrepreneurship-focused program

Supported by the Kedge Business School, Bordeaux Business, Harmonie Mutuelle, Fidal, Mutuelle Ociane, or SNCF, the UDE is the time and space for exchanges. Encouraging dialogue and allowing entrepreneurs to express themselves, to be understood and heard to progress in their activity, these are the challenges of this day dedicated to entrepreneurs. Through Conferences, Masterclasses, Lab Cafés and spaces dedicated to exchanges between business leaders and entrepreneurs, the University of Entrepreneurs wants this annual event to allow everyone to move forward with serenity and confidence. Another highlight of the day, to close the event, the UDE organizes an evening dedicated once again to entrepreneurs, in a less formal atmosphere, in order to favor exchange, sharing and meetings. These meetings are the ideal moment to expand its network, and why not find new partners with whom to work in the future. It is also an opportunity for entrepreneurs to publicize their activity, and to receive, who knows, the financial support necessary to grow the business. This year, the UDE is organising this evening in the Arkéa Arena in Floirac, known as the new concert hall and shows in Bordeaux.

The University of Entrepreneurs is a great success in each of its editions. Bringing together entrepreneurs as well as students with a business project, this event allows everyone to get the answers to all the questions, addressing topics and issues faced by a majority of them, which have a direct impact on the life and development of the company. As a city of entrepreneurs, Bordeaux has all the tools in hand to accompany these new activities, and to show everyone that in entrepreneurship, limits do not exist if we know how to give ourselves the means to exceed them to pick up opportunities.





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