The USSRAF and the association Entraide et Entrepreneurs in the service of Bordeaux companies

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The USSRAF Aquitaine wants to support companies in difficulty by signing a partnership agreement with the association Entraide et Entrepreneurs, on March 5, 2018.

Partnerships and Bills

This decision echoes the law on the right to error that is currently at the heart of the debates, on “the state in the service of a society of trust”. For the various USSRAF, it is a strategy of prevention and security for companies, notably through the support and advice of companies in difficulty.

The USSRAF Aquitaine would like to develop local partnerships in the greater region with institutions and associations, in particular with the association Entraide et Entrepreneurs, which is one of the new stakeholders working with the USSRAF.

Helping companies in difficulty… The approach of Help and Entrepreneurs joins the USSRAF’s desire to reach out to companies in a supportive approach. This partnership has already paid off for a few companies, three of which will take part in the signing of the partnership by presenting their experience and giving their testimony. Positive spin-offs that provide solutions for businesses that need help and advice. The association Help and Entrepreneurs, founded in 2017, aims tosupport and support entrepreneurs in difficult times, while anticipating risks. Chaired by Claudine PERY, the company has a strong network of professional volunteers, experts in their profession – lawyers, executives, psychologists, coaches…

The partnership is signed in Bruges, in the presence of Jean-Eudes TESSON president of the National Fund of the USSRAF and ACOSS, Yann-Gael AMGHAR, director of ACOSS, the National Fund of the USSRAF, but also Jean-Paul PAGOLA, president of the USSRAF Aquitaine, Henri LOURDE-ROCHEBLAVE, director of the USSRAF. The association Entraide et Entrepreneurs is represented by its president, Claudine PERY and Carmen VANNOBEL.

Serving businesses

Today, the USSRAF has 9.7 million contributors, and has nearly 900 partners nationally. In New Aquitaine, the USSRAF has supported many companies with the agreement of more than 8000 payment deadlines to help the most troubled contributors.

The purpose of the Right to Error Act is to simplify the administration and to add confidence and advice to businesses to controls and sanctions.

In particular, it gives companies the opportunity to request support to monitor their situation upstream, or the possibility of calling in a mediator in the event of a national conflict with the USSRAF, which until now was only possible in the Ile-de-France region. This new law will completely change the relationship between companies and the USSRAF spread over the national territory, where the relationship of support and assistance becomes a priority.


To continue to fight fraud, but by being more at the service of companies, with the support of partners such as Help and Entrepreneurs…


Audrey Kozaczka – Bordeaux Business



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