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Vegan-Place is the first vegan marketplace created in June 2018. His goal? Simplify the lives of people who want to consume in a different way: vegan, vegetarian, vegan, allergic and curious wishing to discover a new way of life. The idea for this “amazon vegan” comes from Laetitia, the creator of this marketplace. Eager to offer consumers a complete marketplace where they can find everything they need. Today, Vegan-Place offers its customers more than 5,000 references of vegan products.

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Vegan-Place, a new way to consume

Vegan-Place is the first vegan marketplace on the online market in Europe (1). Through its complete catalogue, the brand offers 100% vegan products. All products are referenced across 650 categories: food, hygiene, fashion, home, animals, books, box and travel. Vegan-Place now brings together more than 170 online merchants to supply its catalogue and offer the best choice, at the best price, to consumers.

The idea to create this Marketplace came to Laetitia during a trip to New York. Having become a vegan in 2013, it was during this adventure that the designer noticed that unlike New York, Paris was not very advanced in terms of vegan, vegetarian and vegan consumption. There was little information and few shops, with large stock outages… This complicates life for those who want to consume differently when in 2013 it was not common.

Vegan-Place is an online platform connecting producers who want to share their know-how with consumers who want to eat better. Together, they form a large, passionate and enthusiastic community around the designer Laetitia. In creating Market-Place, Laetitia’s desire was to make this way of consuming differently more accessible, and to make her lifestyle known to as many consumers as possible. Thus, through a blog, she offers advice, tips, tutorials and testimonials dedicated to experts as well as novices of this way of life.

Today, Vegan-Place is a close-knit team that wants to share. The founders Laetitia, Tristan and Olivier want to share their know-how while highlighting the exchanges. Their community represents 2.5K followers on Facebook, 1.5K followers on Instagram and 2.8K followers on Linkedin. The marketplace is also present on Youtube and Twitter.

Consumption at the heart of French concerns

In a society where veganism and the best consuming find greater importance in the eyes of the French, Vegan-Place falls at the peak. While in 2018, 1% of the French population was vegetarian, it should be noted that the French population is much more interested than before in its way of consuming: more responsible, in pairs with quality, while reducing products of animal origin. Thus, that same year, almost 30% of French people said they were flexitarian and it does not stop there. Indeed, industrialists have gradually established themselves in the “veggie” market to attract this new wave of consumers. In 2018, for example, the vegetarian market has grown by about 40% in the space of a year. However, some French consumers are still keen to focus on quality by turning to local producers, and small shops nearby.

Vegan-Place is a real community with a vision of consuming more responsibly. At a time when, more generally, e-commerce is booming, with a turnover of more than 81.7 billion euros, nearly 37.5 million French people buy on the Internet or 85.5% of Internet users in 2018 (3).

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In the same idea as Vegan-Place, more and more companies are launching their marketplaces. Thus, Amazon, CDiscount, Fnac or EBay have already launched their own marketplaces, and are today real giants of the industrial market. By establishing itself in this market as the first vegan marketplace, Vegan-Place has every chance of winning over others. Supported by consumers as well as producers and associations, it tends to become more known when it has no direct competitor.

The sense of ethics, as well as taste

If consumers always seek to consume better, responsibly and ethically, it is not to mention that Bordeaux remains a city where good eating is important. Among the multitude of Bordeaux restaurants, where restaurateurs are constantly looking to find their place and establish themselves in an ever-changing city, vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free brands are always more numerous. Shops, restaurants, local producers, Bordeaux have no shortage of places to go to eat better. Dose, Cosmopolis, Kitchen Garden or Munchies, the culinary establishments are eager to introduce new and tasty cuisine to Bordeaux and tourists alike.

In the end, Vegan-Place is the project to take place in today’s society while having a role to create the role of tomorrow. Through its marketplace, creators want to work for the environment and its actors. They share their convictions through their actions, proving that human beings are capable of living differently, and always in the idea of responsibility. Vegan-Place is based on a fair and “living well together” model. Thus, on the marketplace, everyone is a full-fledged player in making consumption something more ethical, responsible and environmentally friendly.

Vegan e-marketplaces are on the rise

Eating better and eating better is more relevant than ever. This is due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Indeed, the virus is closely linked to the consequences of our way of breeding and animal consumption. COVID-19 also made consumers aware that it was time to act and think about the future. We are now well aware that intensive farming needs to change. Indeed these places where many animals are parked are incubators where viruses can proliferate. It is in the face of this constant that consumers make well-being and eating well a priority.

It is noted that in the United Kingdom and Germany more than one in ten consumers think that the epidemic has highlighted the vegan diet. This trend is even more pronounced among young people who seem to want to make a lasting commitment to the world of tomorrow. Indeed, for the English, between 21 and 30 years, more than a quarter think that the vegan diet is an adapted response to the virus (5) . At a time when eating behaviours are changing to meat-free diets, vegan marketplaces provide solutions for eating in a balanced way. From now on, consumers have a choice.



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