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Vinted was first born in 2008 in Vilnius, Lithuania, following the move of Milda Mitkute. She realizes that she has too many clothes. It was then that a friend, Justas Janauskas, offered to create a website to help him sell them to his friends. This is how the two friends become the founders of Vinted. The online second-hand clothing sales platform is now available throughout Europe. It has a team of more than 450 people who contribute to its smooth running.

The will to change mindsets

Today, Vinted is Europe’s largest online clothing resale platform between individuals. The platform’s mission is to make second-hand fashion the first choice in the process of buying a garment. Indeed, the platform allows to sell and buy used fashion clothes and accessories. Thus shopping becomes a new and social experience through exchanges between members of the community. Today, it reaches 30 million users in more than 12 markets such as France, Germany, Belgium, Spain, the Netherlands, Austria, Poland. It is also present in the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Luxembourg, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Thus, Vinted is directing its strategy and growth towards the development of a more sustainable approach to fashion. The goal is to give a second life to a garment that would surely have gone in a dumpster. This strategy corresponds to environmental issues affecting the textile industry. Indeed, companies are becoming aware of the damage and pollution committed by this industry. The platform offers users the opportunity to consume more responsibly by buying used rather than new. It is a habit that is becoming more and more common for consumers since according to Thread up (1) the second-hand market could pass in 2029 over fast fashion. In the Bordeaux region, there are already many thrift stores to find second hand and enhance this new mode of consumption. Examples include Boucle and Prune, Maxime Troc Mode, Vintage Paradise and Kilochic. (2)

The new trend for used clothing – ©Shutterstock

Vinted’s solidarity plan to support during COVID-19

But beyond the desire to change society’s mentalities to push for better consumption, the platform is committed. Indeed, it intervenes more strongly on a subject that affects us all, that of COVID-19. Indeed, on June 3, 2020, the platform announces a donation of one million euros made on behalf of its community. (2) The purpose of this donation is to help research centres and charities in France in the fight against Covid-19. Thus, this sum will contribute to the financing of research projects to find an antiviral treatment. In addition, the donation will also support social actions to help groups of people at risk during the pandemic.

The solidarity objectives of the donation

The purpose of this donation is to support all staff on the front lines. These include health workers and scientists who are essential to provide answers to the virus. This donation covers three areas, firstly the funding of research projects to understand Covid-19 and develop antiviral treatments. Second, the platform wants to support hospitals that continue to treat patients diagnosed with positive. And finally, she wants to help vulnerable people who are at risk.

Among the institutions that will benefit from this sum are the Pasteur Institute, the Pasteur Institute in Lille, the Foundation for Medical Research (FRM). There is also the National Institute of Health and Medical Research (INSERM), the Public Assistance Foundation – Hospitals of Paris (AP-HP), the Fondation Hospitals de Paris – Hospitals de France (HP-HF), Little Brothers of the Poor and the French Red Cross.

The vinted platform grew with a DNA of sharing and a social dimension with this desire to develop a close-knit community. Today, faced with financial and environmental problems, it wishes to anchor the second hand as a first choice. The idea is to encourage consumers to buy responsibly. But beyond that, Vinted is more deeply committed to all by donating one million euros to fight COVID-19. A human and solidarity approach in a new situation…


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