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Virtual reality, still in its infancy, is becoming more and more accessible to the general public. The virtual reality components offered by Occulus Rift, Playstation VR or HTC Vive are at the center of the digital revolution, and aim to change our vision of video games and bring it a professional dimension. Even if prices remain high enough for the time being to allow real democratization, there is an increase in the development of start-ups interested in the field. VR becomes an indispensable asset in the context of learning and discovery, it surfaces in communication and marketing by making the subject active. The player, hithert simple spectator becomes, thanks to virtual reality, the actor of the game in which he is immersed. For a brand, the interest of these new technologies is to succeed in capturing the focus of the subject on the message it conveys, in an already hyper-connected environment, by erasing other distractions related to the various existing technologies.


An immersive experience for the user

Virtual reality transports the user into new dimensions, and allows him to project himself into a totally fictitious universe. It also breaks down geographical barriers, allowing the subject to be transported very easily on a living room, in an event and bring a sensory experience through different interactions.

In a professional context, virtual reality is also used and acclaimed in fields related to medicine, sport, culture to name but a few. With this new technology, patients in a hospital, for example, can forget for a moment their pain or illness by changing universes, focusing on something else. Could it be that we have found the therapy of the future?

Within the company, virtual reality is also increasingly used to train employees, but also to collect user behaviour. This allows them to better calibrate their offering and marketing operations to reach as many people as possible. According to a study carried out by Sketchfab in 2017, France would be considered the 4th most fashionable country on virtual reality in the world. With such success, video game designers have redesigned their design by integrating virtual reality games into their ranges. For a user, the acquisition of such a game results in the purchase of a virtual reality headset. Worldwide, an estimated 5 million VR headsets have been sold worldwide in 2018, a figure that has only increased since 2016, and which is still growing in the coming years thanks to the democratization of these technologies.


Virtual world Bordeaux Business

Virtual Room offers fun activities around VR in Bordeaux

On October 29, the Bordeaux Business team was invited to the Virtual Room in Bordeaux, on the eve of its opening to the public. The Virtual Room is now a network of cinemas located around the world, in Asia, Oceania, Europe and America. In France, Virtual Room exists in 16 cities, like Bordeaux, Lille, Paris, Brest or Marseille to name but a few, and its development continues to grow.

In an environment where puzzle games and escape games are becoming more and more popular, the concept of Virtual Room has found its place and seduced. Aimed at an audience of all ages, the Virtual Room concept is fun: across a variety of worlds, team members (ranging from 2 to 4 people) must communicate and interact to solve puzzles and succeed in the mission entrusted. Equipped with a virtual reality headset and controllers in each hand, the immersion is total, every movement is transcribed into the game to perfection. The Virtual Rooms last 30 to 45 minutes and offer two worlds with a different difficulty.

Each participant is in a room of 9m2 where he can evolve and communicates through a microphone with his team. This indoor “escape game” enhances cooperation, team spirit and mutual listening to succeed the puzzles. Immersed in a universe made entirely of 3D, the participant is literally embarked in history, in space, in the time of the dinosaurs or even in the time of the pharaohs.

In France, few rooms dedicated to escape games or puzzle games offer a virtual reality experience, leaving a monopoly to Virtual Room, creator of the very first virtual reality adventure accessible to the general public. Created in 2017, Virtual Room is now present in 30 cities around the world, and continues to work to diversify its offering.


Puzzle games, virtual reality adventures and escape games: a talent revealer

In a company, the mentality and behaviour of employees is essential for the team to work together in the best conditions. Communication is essential, as is team spirit. In order to reinforce all this, some leaders organize escape game sessions with their employees so that everyone works with others, strengthening their professional relations. In addition, it allows certain elements of the team to reveal their true face, taking initiatives or having an analytical mind during the game, while until then, this person was quite erased in the team. Thus, escape games allow a team to strengthen itself by working together to solve puzzles. An experience that has a direct impact in the company afterwards.

In the recruitment framework too, escape games can be an excellent alternative. Indeed, when the entrepreneur receives many CVs, it is often difficult to know which candidate will be most in line with the position. In Paris, for example, candidates formed teams to participate in an escape game, and were (unknowingly) observed throughout the game by the recruiter. In this kind of environment, it is difficult to hide one’s personality. The recruiter then sees who communicates, who acts the most, who takes the time to think to find answers and conversely, if some are erased, or contractors. A person’s temperament in an activity with people they do not know speaks volumes about how they work, and can be a decisive criterion in choosing a direction.


In Bordeaux, the video game,new technologies and Virtual Reality are on the rise, constantly developing and attracting large companies, just likeUbisoft, based in Bordeaux since May 2018, or companies like ASOBO in which HoloForge, a company that will participate in the next CES Las Vegas. With its many events related to new technological advances in business
conducted with FrenchTech, and the interest focused on the video game illustrated by the BGF in particular, Bordeaux is a city open to the emergence of new training media and playful content around virtual reality.




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