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Watercolor invents flowers in self bouquet mode

Watercolor innovates with DIY. Indeed, more and more consumers are asking for customizable offers. This demand is particularly in line with the DIY trend, Do It Yourself. It must be said that the health crisis has developed new habits among consumers. According to the Observatory for Society and Consumer Affairs (Obsoco), they have spent more time making and repairing everyday objects. Thus, they show a willingness to change the consumption model. To meet this need, brands are taking the plunge to offer new offers. Watercolor follows the movement with the self bouquet (1).

The DIY trend, developing more and more customizable offerings

Do It Yourself is entering our consumption patterns. In French, “do it yourself”, this trend rethinks the way we consume because it invites us to achieve something that we could buy by ourselves. In particular, it has become a trend in the DIY, cooking and decoration sectors. Put forward again during the containment, during the crisis of COVID-19, DIY conveys certain values. Indeed, beyond being a pastime, for some it can be an ecological or economic gesture. By creating consumers on their own, they buy less manufactured goods and therefore consume less. DIY also means giving value to the goods that everyone can create.

Indeed, in this trend we also notice a desire to customize. It’s about creating a good in its image. The attractiveness of this trend makes it a buoyant market. We are already noticing that signs have positioned themselves there. Leroy Merlin offers a special section “Make it”. It is about helping consumers carry out DIY or decorating projects in their homes themselves. Following the trend and success of the DIY bouquets of dried flowers launched last September, Aquarelle is getting a little more involved in the movement. The brand proposes to renew the concept with fresh seasonal flowers.

watercolor diy flowers
Aquarelle seizes the DIY trend to offer self bouquets

Watercolor, precursor of the self bouquet

The Aquarelle brand was born in 1987 and very quickly it became the first e-commerce of flowers in France. Indeed, it offers its first website in 1997( The brand was the first to understand that the florist business should evolve. Thus, she aims to develop the profession on the web. Today, the Aquarelle brand has 80 florist craftsmen who design and compose, 1,000 to 2,000 bouquets daily, by hand in a small village of the Oise (1).

Thus, all flowers are available and can be ordered, prepared and shipped throughout the territory. Watercolor is also rich in its values. It aims to be an authentic and committed brand that pursues its innovations to make flowers a pleasure accessible to all. Thus constantly seeking innovation to meet the needs of consumers and launches a new concept of self bouquet with the Watercolor market.

Thus, to expand its offer in DIY, it offers consumers to make bouquets with fresh flowers. For this, she selects seasonal flowers to assemble in bouquets according to the desires. To satisfy the customer experience the brand guides its last in their choices. It offers several bouquet trends, with flowers that can associate. Always in a desire for authenticity and enhancement of the profession, Aquarelle favours its French and European historical partner producers. In addition, following the impact of COVID-19 on the sector’s economy, the brand is strengthening its commitments to support the horticultural sector. To do this, it strengthens its partnership with the 123Feurs network. This strategy pays off as Watercolor orders sent to florist shops have increased by 30% in the last two months.

Beyond being visionary, Aquarelle innovates to reinvent and energize the sector. Indeed, by expanding its offer towards DIY, the brand was able to engage in a buoyant market during the COVID-19 crisis. It thus seems to offer a glimmer of hope to the horticultural sector also impacted by the events.


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