Wellness, the spa awakens to toddlers

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Wellness care is positive for health, but also for personal development. After months under the sign of COVID-19, uncertainty and marked by a strict containment of the population … Well-being emerges as a parenthesis in everyday life, which allows you to let go for a few hours. As a result, some spas and establishments are expanding the services offered to their customers, aimed at a more diverse population. At The Bouscat, the Baby and Kid Spa Iris offers a treatment card for parents… but also for their children, aged 0 to 12. Appropriate care, for all ages, with the experience of professionals trained in handling infants and young children.

Combining well-being and awakening, child-friendly care

In the form of personalized care and attention, every client, each family enjoys a cocoon of well-being tailor-made. This allows for intimate and trusting relationships between parents and their child, newborn or not. Thus, the professionals of this wellness center offer an aquatic awakening in individual bathtub for infants, as well as adapted massages, scrubs, masks… Or to practice fish pedicure. These are fish that come to remove dead skins on feet immersed in an aquarium. They gently clean up the body parts that are used on a daily basis. But the spa also offers treatments to improve the health of the youngest. For example, they make it easier to fall asleep, reduce colic or soothe dental pain. These are important issues for young parents who want to be able to soothe their child.

The Bouscat wellness centre adapts to all ages and problems. For older children, the treatments offer games of awakening aimed at soliciting the senses, including touch. They also offer treatments based on Chinese medicine, or relaxokinesia for a better let go and through the care of the body. All the services offered are made from natural treatments to stay good for the body and for the planet. The spa is also privatized for families who wish to spend a special time with their children, or during a party. Making this kind of service accessible allows you to show all the benefits for the body and your health. Care is so good for children, for their awakening and development. This offer is part of a range of wellness spaces geared towards adults.

Body care, a thriving market in Bordeaux

Beauty and treatment are services that are popular in Bordeaux and New Aquitaine. These treatments represent a cocoon, a bubble of well-being and relaxation that allow you to take time for yourself. Both establishments and hotels also offer these treatments in the heart of spas, and are a real added value. Other places, such as Calicéo, also allow you to enjoy time for yourself, in spas, saunas, steam rooms… The wellness market appeals to all ages, but also to all genres. It is a market that is taking advantage of the situation, despite the stricter sanitary measures put in place to combat the spread of the virus. Some institutes, such as Seasonly, can also provide care to clients during short sessions at reasonable prices. This makes this kind of care accessible to as many people as possible.

Beauty facial massage care
The treatments allow you to relax, to take time for yourself.

Well-being and taking time for yourself at any age makes you feel better and take care of your body. From an early age, care can cure or avoid health problems. These relaxing bubbles also allow families to get closer, to share a moment of complicity. A privatized moment dedicated to the creation of new memories, to the complicity between parents and their children.


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