When innovation is light

LED technology, under the spotlight. This innovation is not new, however its use remains fairly recent in the field of lighting. It quickly takes over all other types of bulbs. Indeed, this technology is developing and offers advantageous solutions. With LED lamps, it is possible to customize the color, the angles of diffusion, the power or the type of assembly. This ever-evolving technology also has interesting economic and health assets. Indeed, the energy consumption of this type of lamp is less for a longer life (1). Thus, this type of lighting has become democratized in the market thanks to many players in innovation. Among them is TRILUX, which specializes in professional lighting.

LED innovation, the re-new of lighting

LED lighting is the future of lighting. This invention is mainly due to the American Nick Holonyak although many engineers participated in the innovation around the first LED diode. The latter referred to the LED bulb as the “supreme lamp”. Today, this designation makes perfect sense. Indeed, LED is a market leader. Its meteoric arrival can be explained by its advantages. In addition to reducing consumption, LED lamps offer optimal lighting comfort that adapts to all uses. They can also be connected to make our daily lives easier. Light bulbs are becoming real technologies in their own right, which can be configured at will especially with connected bulbs Made for Google. By connecting to the Google Home app, it’s possible to direct your LED bulb. You can choose the power or color of its lighting, so you see the term smarthomeappear.

In particular, the city of Lormont has relied on LED technology for the development of its new greenway. Indeed, the first step of this project is the installation of LED lighting that will not disturb the nocturnal fauna in this area classified Natura 2000 (3). LED lighting has significant sanitary qualities as it emits no electromagnetic waves, no mercury and no ultraviolet (1).

The TRILUX Group participates as a key player in innovation in the LED lamp market. Indeed, created in 1912, it established itself with 6 production sites in Europe and Asia. It also tracks its international customers through 30 subsidiaries. The Group positions itself as the simplest and most reliable method of implementing energy-efficient lighting solutions.

In a market that is growing and becoming complex, the group’s customers can benefit from expert advice for optimal lighting. To do this, it uses high-performance technologies and partners. Each solution is tailor-made to be complete and to meet the requirements of complex projects. Thus studies, cost control, and the ease of installation and use of solutions are at the heart of the group’s thinking. The slogan “SIMPLIFY YOUR LIGHT” is a reflection of this will (3).

Innovative LED lighting
LED lighting offers possibilities halfway between design and innovation

Trilux, an innovative player for professional LED lighting solutions

As a reference for professional LED lighting, the TRILUX Group has developed two new fixtures that match the new market ambitions between lighting quality and innovation. Thus, the Finea LED fixture offers an unprecedented quality of lighting. This fixture adapts to office lighting thanks to a versatile and modular light channel system. It’s easy to set up regardless of the type of installation, the desired lighting technology and the associated sensors.

The Creavo LED fixture offers the promise of forward-looking lighting by combining design and performance. Indeed, it is equipped with ConVision technology, an innovative two-part optics (lenses and cell) that guarantees high visual comfort. In addition, it is also possible to combine the LiveLink system, which allows the fixtures to be networked and combined with sensors to reduce operating costs (3).

In order to facilitate the customer experience and to have a head start in innovation. The Group has set up an intuitive online configurator. This configurator allows architects, design offices and installers to learn about all possibilities. Indeed, in a few clicks, it can choose the shape and function of the lighting, the optical system, the appearance and the technical characteristics (3).

It will be said that the LED lamp is gaining a premium on the lighting market thanks to economic advantages. However, there is also this dimension of innovation that convinces more and more users. Today lamps become real technologies that bend to our desires to bring us satisfaction. Whereas before it was just a matter of pressing a switch, now the lamps have sensors and fly directly from our smartphone to give us the best possible lighting. Innovation does not seem to have any limits.


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