When “Marathon” rhymes with “Good Action”

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Bordeaux is definitely a sporting city. On March 24, 2018, many runners will start for the 4th edition of the Bordeaux Metropole Night Marathon, an event that has become a must. In 2017, the event broke attendance records, with nearly 20,000 participants coming to tread Bordeaux.

The involvement of all: sportsmanship above all else

In addition to this event, which also includes a half-marathon as well as a relay marathon, the city invites people to volunteer, ready to help “from the inside” in the organization and smooth running of the race. Because beyond securing the route, it is also important to be able to welcome the thousands of participants expected, by giving them their bibs, or by ensuring the refuelling points that are installed throughout the route… Support that allows the marathon to take place in optimal conditions.

The race, at night, has other impacts: attracting with the image of a modern, clean city, resolutely focused on sport and sharing, but also to raise funds for the city. Indeed, the prices (from 75 to 86 for the marathon, from 40 to 54 for the half-marathon and from 100 to 110 for relays) allow to guarantee the good performance of the course, but also to maintain the city to allow the next participants to have a course always pleasant in an ideal setting, in the heart of the Belle Endormie …

The effort for gesture, to serve the Bordeaux heritage

The Marathon is not the only race held in Bordeaux. Indeed since 2016, the 10km of the Quays takes place in the heart of Bordeaux and the tone is clearly set: the operation aims to raise funds for the maintenance and restoration of the stone bridge, which has been closed to motor vehicle traffic since August 1st. The second edition took place on November 11, 2017, and despite the bad weather, the 4156 runners present at the start collected no less than 8399 euros for the most famous of Bordeaux’s bridges, inscribed since 2007 as a World Heritage Site. It is the very first bridge to connect the banks of Bordeaux, built in the 1800s, and requires meticulous maintenance and extensive monitoring. The work, estimated at 11,770,500 euros, is partly financed by the city Bordeaux Metropole as well as by the DRAC of New Aquitaine (Regional Directorate of Cultural Affairs). There are still 1,050,000 euros of work to be financed, and the city relies on private patronage, thanks in particular to donations from companies but also from individuals, patronage in which these sporting events are part…

A sporting effort for the good of the Pearl of the Southwest…

Audrey Kozaczka – Bordeaux Business



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