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There is no country more prestigious than Bordeaux to radiate the flavour and texture of red wine abroad. Bordeaux, since June 1, 2016, has already opened its masterful Cité du Vin on the banks of the Garonne, not far from the Chaban-Delmas bridge. The museum had 421,000 visitors last year, a very honourable result and shows a stable number of visitors since its opening. On March 7, Beijing announced that it will open its own wine city, modelled on the capital of Girona. It must be said that the Middle Kingdom accounts for 20% of Bordeaux wine exports, and invests heavily in vineyards, so much so that estates are sometimes renamed “Tibetan Antelope” or “Golden Rabbit”. Names given to Bordeaux castles and estates that raise unprecedented controversy from the point of view of the region’s winemakers because these names change the face of the estates, bringing an Asian touch to the vineyards. However, if this international success is a straightforward and unat battable, the domestic market is sometimes less favourable, especially for AOC Bordeaux and Bordeaux Superior. According to the Union of AOC Bordeaux and Bordeaux Superior, these wines, which still represent nearly 58 hectares, including the AOC Crémant de Bordeaux (777 hectares), are under-represented among the Gironde wines offered on the menu. He is therefore organising a vast seduction operation on April 3, 2019, in the heart of the Grand Poste de Bordeaux.


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Rediscovering the taste of AOC Bordeaux

Wine lovers will be aware that the AOC Bordeaux and the AOC Bordeaux Superior are among the oldest, created by decree in 1936. Six Appellations of Controlled Origin (one for each colour, red, white and rosé) have thus endured to this day. They guarantee, through a precise specifications, especially in the grape varieties used, the geographical area of the vine and the techniques of making and maturing the wine, a unique taste and know-how. In 1990, the AOC Crémant de Bordeaux was created.
These fruity wines, which can be eaten young, have been defended since 1967 by the Regional Wine Union of these AOCs. This association, based in Caillau and Beychac, is recognized as the Defence and Management Organization (ODG) for these specific grape varieties, as well as for IG Bordeaux Fine since 2014. From then on, it strives to promote internationally and on French territory the alliance of grape varieties that are Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Sémillon, Muscadelle, Cabernet Sauvignon or Sauvignon. Many of the union’s partners manage the hillsides that stretch along the banks of the Garonne, the Dordogne and the Gironde estuary.


A seduction operation for restaurateurs

While Bordeaux remains one of the world’s leading export wines, particularly in China, it faces a sharp decline in French territory (5% in 2018, following poor harvests in 2017 and to a lesser extent in 2018). The Union of AOC Bordeaux and Bordeaux Superior has therefore decided, in the context of the loss of the market of the restaurateurs girondins, to organize a big day of meeting between the professionals of wine and those of the restaurant, April 3, 2019. If the day is open to the public, who will be happy to come and taste the vintages and varietals of these fertile hillsides, the union’s preferred target is the catering trades. Cafes, hotels, restaurants or even wine bars of the metropolis will be invited to (re)discover these bottles and offer more on their cards. In the heart of the Grand Poste, a multicultural space located in the heart of the city (7 rue du Palais Gallien), the event will have the motto of favouring short circuits and the local, especially in these times of ecological constraint. However, the meeting will only be the launch of an extensive communication campaign aimed at these professionals, scheduled from June. The union highlights the accessibility of the bottles and their very good value for money are highlighted by the AOC union.


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While the Bordeaux and Upper Bordeaux market is at half-mast at the national level, the Crémant de Bordeaux is a good student, with a surge to 1.1 million bottles sold in supermarkets in 2018, for 5.9 million euros. This is enough to reassure the Union of AOC Bordeaux and Bordeaux Superior, and to promise a good life for this communication campaign girondine. However, the international reputation of these wines is well established, as the export of these bottles is important throughout the world. The acquisition of the Bordeaux estates by Chinese investors also proves this tremendous enthusiasm for Bordeaux wines.





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