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Will the wood sector continue to grow for a long time? Industry professionals hope so, focusing on the future. Next deadline, 2024. A little less than four years, an important date for France. Indeed, it is marked by the holding of the Olympic Games in Paris. These Games will be special, and not just by being the next international sporting event post pandemic. Indeed, the organizers declare that the Olympic Games in Paris will be “the least consuming and the lowest in carbon”. To achieve this goal, the country relies on the emphasis on a key sector: wood.

Georges-Henri FLORENTIN, President of France Bois 2024, presents the project for the Olympic Games. Source France Bois 2024

The ambitious (but achievable) programme of the wood sector in France

The France Bois 2024 Project is supported and funded by CODIFAB. The objective of this project is to build and build more woodenequipment on the national territory. All this, of course, using exclusively French wood. This helps, among other things, reduce the trade deficit, and limit the carbon footprint outside the country. A way to mitigate climate change, while soliciting the players of the wood sector in France.

In metropolitan France, the forest massif represents 16.9 million hectares, or 31% of the territory. This figure is up by 0.7% each year, demonstrating a large area of forest areas. In 1985, forests accounted for 14.1 million hectares throughout the country. Among the most wooded departments of France, the Gironde, or the Landes also contribute to the influence of New Aquitaine.

Indeed, the New Aquitaine region generates many jobs. More than 41,000 employees work in this field. It has 2.8 million hectares of wooded area and no less than 15 different species. Gasolines used for many sectors, including construction.

The wood sector is important, with many wood species for suitable constructions. For example, the France Bois 2024 programme aims to develop 40 works to be built, for a total area of 400,000 square metres. A major project, which also helps to accelerate initiatives in the regions… While making France a model for ecology and energy transition on the international stage.

Engaging industry players for an energy and green transition

The approach of the 2024 Olympic Games is also a sign of evolution, and of sharing a strong message. A message aimed at the use of greener and more economical solutions. Signed on November 16, 2018, the Strategic Contract of the Wood Line is part of this dynamic. It thus involves the maximum number of companies in the sector to carry out all the construction projects planned for 2024.

The use of a material such as wood for construction replaces the use of more energy-intensive materials. Materials usually used for buildings, or individual dwellings. The implementation of building construction projects using the wood sector can then provide an answer to the current challenges. These are issues for which France is trying to provide solutions.

Wooden building building
The future Olympic Village of Paris 2024 will be made of wood.

For this reason, in cities, such as Bordeaux, new construction programmes include buildings made of greener materials. A way to position yourself in an ecological approach, modelled on other countries. Indeed, for comparison, where France builds 15% of its detached wooden houses… Canada has more than 90% of them, and is one of the most committed countries in the woods. He shares this with countries such as Finland and Japan.

So there is progress to be made in shaping the new face of France. While the pandemic is still relevant and paralyzes the economy and many sectors of activity… Relaunching certain sectors that use such as the wood sector would then be a promise of recovery and local consumption.


The French forest in numbers, Article with infographics from France Bois Forest

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