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Since its creation, Wizbii has been a local actor for young people, especially students. The latter are bearing the brunt of the health crisis, and find themselves without a sustainable solution to live properly. Wizbii supports young people in all their efforts and in their social integration into working life. Supporting students in this delicate period is therefore a priority, with the implementation of the Wizbii Money platform.

Wizbii sees student precariousness

Students have been going through a difficult period since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020. Indeed, from a financial point of view, student precariousness is more marked than before. Most students work on student contracts or on a seasonal basis to repay their student loans. The pandemic has forced many businesses to close, and suspend student contracts.

This does not help students to cover their daily expenses, which puts them in a situation of significant precariousness. In France, and since the beginning of the crisis, nearly a third of students are in a situation of financial insecurity. Faced with this observation, Wizbii wants to react, and above all act to support these students. With Wizbii Money, students can in a few clicks fill out a simple questionnaire and have access to a lot of information… In particular, regional and national aid available on a case-by-case basis.

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Wizbii helps students prepare for their access to working life.

This makes it easier to guide students to the support they are entitled to. Indeed, many of them feel that it is particularly complicated to find their way among all the offers, and to know if they are eligible. Wizbii is therefore a privileged contact to support students in their efforts… And direct them to the aid appropriate to their profile and situation.

This is reminiscent of business leaders faced with state and regional aid to ensure their activity. Multiple and highly supervised financial aid, difficult to find your way around. The same applies to students who are asking for more accompaniment and more support to get over this delicate stage.

A marked situation in Bordeaux and La Rochelle

Wizbii produced a barometer on the needs of young people aged 18 to 29. The major difficulty linked to the health situation and their precariousness concerns the repayment of student loans for 73% of them. Before Wizbii’s arrival, they deplored in particular the lack of support to know what financial aid existed for them. The issue of administrative procedures is also problematic. Indeed, the absence of guides to properly fill in all the documents and forms that give access to aids such as the CAF or scholarships does not help.

These are often tedious steps, for which young students do not have a guide. Wizbii therefore proposes to accompany them and to carry out all the steps for them, in order to support them in this period.

Student School Group
Students need support in their efforts.

Thus, in 2020, wizbii’s site experienced a dramatic increase in its traffic and requests made online. Indeed, 750,000 students used the platform’s services, including 60,000 in Nouvelle-Aquitaine. The majority of students who consult or apply are located in Bordeaux or La Rochelle, two student cities.

In particular, the region offers several different grants and scholarships for students. For example, the Nouvelle-Aquitaine health and social exchange; departmental student grants for international mobility; the scholarship for future doctors…

These scholarships allow students to receive financial aid useful to move forward in life… And thus have additional help to ensure his studies, expensive especially for higher education.


Precariousness of young people in Nouvelle-Aquitaine: 60,000 students helped by the palois WIZBII. WIZBII press release of June 2021

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