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Works of art are an enduring heritage. If you are an amateur, an art collector or have just discovered your interest in art, it is obvious that you have an interest in fairs, exhibitions, galleries, art museums, even auction rooms. However, have you thought about buying art online? A great way to find new pieces. How do you choose in these circumstances? The answer in this article.

Buy artwork on the internet

Today, it is not only galleries, museums and exhibitions that are the places where paintings and works of art are sold. There is a plethora of marketplaces on the internet that allow collectors and galleries to connect. If you want to start or expand a collection, you just have to go to this site to find various works of contemporary art that will enhance your interior and enrich your collection.

Art comes everywhere. In Bordeaux, museums and art galleries contribute to the city’s reputation. Natural history, contemporary art, decorative arts… As many museums as concepts. But in the face of COVID-19, and even before, other ways of discovering art existed. Notably access to art through Digital.

For example, online galleries such as Kazoart and The XYZ Gallery provide mainstream access to introduce popular artists. Art becomes accessible, it is no longer just a luxury product. This allows you to afford both a painting or a sculpture… But also to bring to life small aspiring artists.

Tips for buying artist’s paintings

There are a variety of techniques that will help you answer your questions about paintings and works of art, and that will also help you discover the contemporary art world in greater depth. Promoting art takes many facets. From the exhibition of local works of art in the premises of companies, or from the promotion of artists… There are a thousand ways to support and promote art in France.

Getting to know the places dedicated to collectors

Many events are held on evenings and weekends, in places frequented by collectors of artist paintings namely art galleries and fleas. You can take part freely, as soon as you find a period of time, in order to discover works, currents, artists and to immerse yourself in their origins. You will have a better knowledge of the different techniques in the field.

Home decoration artwork
The work of art adapts and finds its place in a company or in a home.

Choose based on instinct and taste

One cannot speak of art, without mentioning taste and passion. The eyes and the heart enter the stage to draw you to a specific work. Indeed, in this area, the eyes are to art what ears are to music. So you have to get carried away by your instincts and make your choice according to your tastes and personality.

It should also be noted that the world of art is a market that fluctuates constantly. However, there are certain values, an artist who has the coast presents expensive works and exhibits in different galleries. He is in high demand and his paintings are torn off. You can ride the wave by taking advantage of this success to buy a sought-after work of art or bet on an unknown artist who has potential for his originality or his brushstroke. It’s a great way to invest and it adds a touch of luxury to your home.

Inspect the artwork thoroughly

No matter how you are touched by a work of art, it is fundamental to explore it from every angle and in every detail. This will allow you to be sure of yourself and to make an appropriate choice. If it is a painting or a work of art posted online, you are certainly wondering how to carry out the inspection properly, since you will not be able to see it in real life. Don’t worry anymore, these sites have many tools that will help you explore the artwork as if you were seeing itwith the naked eye, sometimes even with much more precision thanks to the zooms.

Focus on harmony

Art lovers or true enthusiasts, if you have a painting purchase project, you need to think about harmony, because it is a new integration into your home and even into your life. It is, in fact, very important that your work of art is combined not only with your interior, but also with your decoration as well as the art objects that are already installed in your home.

An area affected during COVID-19

The art market is also suffering the full brunt of the COVID-19 pandemic. Since the beginning of 2020, art and culture have suffered. Museums close, galleries close, but artistic life doesn’t stop. It adapts, especially through digitalization. A solution that helps to offset the decline in sales of works of art in their traditional circuit. In 2019, the sale of works of art was down 14% compared to the previous year.

Art galleries now offer an alternative to their clients, and business models are evolving. Professionals are transforming their industry, especially museums. They now offer the general public an alternative in a virtual tour, so that art remains accessible…


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