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Developed by two major players in social housing, Yellome is a brand at the service of housing for young people. Indeed, it offers a tailor-made concept to facilitate access to housing for students, work-study students and young workers. These accommodations have the advantage of being furnished, equipped, well located and above all at affordable prices. Meeting the housing needs of young people is a priority to counter precariousness and facilitate access to training and employment. Yellome launches its website to meet a significant demand. This allows young people to have access to all the goods offered by the brand everywhere and all the time.

Supporting young people and facilitating administrative procedures in particular is a major challenge. Indeed, access to housing, training and employment is an essential aspect to ensure a viable future.

Yellome, the platform at the service of housing for young people and students

Yellome is a brand developed by the subsidiaries of Actions Logement,Noalis and Domofrance. Developed since 2015, it helps meet a demand for affordable housing for young people. Indeed, students, apprentices and young workers between 18 and 30 years old then have at their disposal housing adapted to their situations. The Yellome residences are mainly located in Nouvelle-Aquitaine for the moment, and will be deployed in other regions by the end of the year. Yellome consists of more than 1,600 housing units in 6 departments

The concept has been developed in such a way as to facilitate the process for young people. Thus, housing offers are in accordance with their activities and needs. The accommodations are furnished and equipped,located close to the city center and public transport stations and available for a period of 12 to 24 months. The rent is affordable amounting on average to 400 euros per month including charges. Internet access, secure and user-friendly residences are criteria present in each of the residences.

student accommodation Yellome offers residences

At the beginning of the 2021 school year,the question of housing for young people arises. Indeed, access to housing for students, apprentices and young workers is the entry point to start their year in good conditions. Nevertheless, these young people have little or no sufficient financial resources to be able to claim the goods they find. It is in this context that Yellome enters. Thus, the brand developed by Noalis and Domofrance makes it possible to meet this growing demand.

To do this, it launches its website to allow young people to easily search for goods on the platform. Available on computer or phone, the goal is to make the offers accessible to everyone and everywhere. This makes it possible, among other things, to fight against precariousness. The site therefore concentrates all the available offers and allows young people to create alerts, put properties in favorites, do research based on specific criteria …

Accompany young people in the process, help them to ensure their future

Young people between the age of 18 and 30 are the first to be in the crosshairs regarding the procedures. Indeed, this is the age at which they take off, leave the family cocoon to enter working life or student life. But this is not always easy especially because of the lack of experience and the few financial resources. This is why several organizations and actors are working to facilitate access for young people.

One thinks in particular ofaccess to employment for young people. Indeed, some employers are on the reservation regarding a hiring that can represent considerable costs. The State is therefore setting up a number of financial aids, in particular to promote the hiring of young people. This makes it possible to participate in the professionalization of young people while ensuring them a place in their training. This is the case if this hiring is alternating. Indeed, without alternation, some young people are forced to leave their training not being able to pay for it. With the arrival of Covid-19 and its consequences, the State has had a more than major role for the activity of young people. The recovery plan “1 young person 1 solution” allows millions of young people to be supported. Nevertheless, it has also allowed companies to be able to hire despite the decline in their activity.

Accessto housing is part of the same issue. Indeed, without suitable housing, young people cannot accept a position or training far from home. This can therefore be a real obstacle for young people in their professional and student life. It is therefore in this dynamic that between actors such as Yellome or Colette. They therefore propose solutions for young people. Indeed, they provide them with economical, reliable solutions adapted to their situation. The younger generations are the future of the economy, so it is essential to support them.


Yellome, the housing offer dedicated to students, work-study students and young workers under 30, launches its website,Yellome, press release of August 30, 2021

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