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Youtube and French culture online alongside Arte of the CNC

Youtube, the American giant is committed to promoting, online, French culture. Indeed, among the sectors affected by COVID-19, the cultural sector has been particularly impacted. It will be said that the pandemic has changed our way of life and the world we know including our relationship to culture. Following the containments, cultural spaces, museums, exhibition halls, cinemas… had to close their doors. Alternatives had to be found to make culture accessible even when all cultural spaces were closed. Youtube thus offers the possibility of having access to this content from home (1).

French culture undermined by COVID-19

The culture sector is in trouble. Although for him played a role of occupation and refuge during the containment, the area suffered. According to a Kantar study, the sector lost sales by 22 billion euros. The latter includes no less than 1.3 million people, who live directly or indirectly (2). To help the sector, the Government has mobilised more than 5 billion euros in aid. Actors like Youtube also aim to help culture.

In the territory, the culture has a very high weight. Indeed, France is rich in a great cultural heritage, whether from the point of view of cinema, art or fashion. Local tourists and tourists from all over the world are fascinated by this heritage and come in droves to discover it every year. However, 2020 has shaken up the entire economy and the functioning of the sector. Youtube has understood this and comes in reinforcement to enhance the culture.

Thus, following the impact of COVID and still according to Kantar’s study, 85% of Internet users consumed dematerialized cultural content. They consulted digital networks, e-books, guided museum tours and video-on-demand platforms. Containment has not depleted the population’s thirst for culture. For example, she viewed content on Youtube.

However, for this to happen, the sector must adapt its supply to meet demand. Indeed, the French have a real demand to find cinemas or theaters for example. At the end of the confinement, 1.1 million cinema tickets were sold (2). However, the uncertain environment and people’s reluctance to do so pose long-term adaptation issues. Today, 40% of French users come to YouTube for cultural content (1). To overcome and develop solutions to this need for culture, YouTube France is partnering with two cultural institutions, Arte and CNC (National Centre for Cinema and Animated Image). The aim is to support the French creative ecosystem.

youtube and culture learning
The American giant, Youtube lays its stone by supporting culture alongside Arte and the CNC

Youtube and Culture, The “Know and Cultures” portal an online support action

Youtube, a Californian video hosting platform, is partnering with two leading cultural institutions to promote French culture. Indeed, for this partnership, Youtube chose Arte and the CNC. Arte is a public cultural and European channel. Focused on culture, it is aimed mainly at viewers who want to discover European heritage. For its part, the CNC has been working for more than 70 years to promote the film and audiovisual industries. It has become a reference for creators by accompanying them through training programs and creative residencies. Thus, the fruit of this partnership is “Knowledge and Cultures”.

The goal of Youtube is to focus on education and culture. The three organisations will offer a training program dedicated to increasing the presence on YouTube of 11 iconic French cultural institutions and 25 learning creators. On the one hand, among the institutions that will benefit from the programme are the Louvre Museum, the Paris Opera or the Palace of Versailles. On the other hand, among the content creators, there is Another Story, Space of Science or Cyrus North.

In addition, the partnership sets up a support fund of 1 million euros for original culture and learning content as well as a work organized by Arte on youtube’s Learning Hub in France (1). Launched recently, we hope to see the portal develop to offer cultural content on places throughout the territory. And why not guided tours of Museums or Castles in Bordeaux.

Youtube is aware of its strength to be able to reinvent and help the cultural sector. Indeed, by dematerializing culture, the partnership offers an opportunity for immense influence. With digital technology, culture and education become even more accessible. And if we thought of the impact of the COVID-19 crisis as a way to reinvent ourselves differently.


(1) “Supporting French culture, online, in collaboration with Arte and CNC”,Youtube, Press article of November 24, 2020

(2) “6 digits to understand the impact of Covid-19 on culture”Culturelink, Article of 8 July 2020

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